Nancy E. Johnson, more than a realtor

Nancy lives by biblical principles and one of her favorite quotes is Proverbs 13:12 A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

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Nancy E. Johnson is a South Carolinian Realtor and Broker. Mrs. Nancy E. Johnson actually wears many titles; she is Columbia’s “Shark Tank” of Real Estate. She is the Millionaire Real Estate Guru, “Millionaire Mindset” coach and “Making House Money” coach. Nancy is passionate about her business and thrives to help individuals and families achieve the American dream of home ownership.

She is on a life mission to help strengthen her community by teaching others how to become real estate investors, therefore helping to stimulate growth in the economy.  Nancy is an expert in the industry and is sought after by hundreds requesting her assistance and expertise.  One of Nancy’s motto is “My business is to open doors for you” and she has been doing just that for the past 40 years.

Nancy Johnson, born in Kingstree, South Carolina, grew up in West Hollywood, Fl. and is the eldest of 12 children. Nancy and her husband, Ronnie Johnson, initially called home New Haven and West Haven, CT for the first 14 years of marriage.  The Johnsons were high school sweethearts and now have been married for over 45 years, the couple has two adult children and two grandchildren. Nancy believes not only that she works for herself and her community, but that she works to leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren. Nancy lives by biblical principles and one of her favorite quotes is Proverbs 13:12 A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

Prior to Real Estate, Nancy was in the insurance business for 19 years and decided to go into real estate when hitting a glass ceiling. Nancy fell in love with Real Estate and has never looked back. She believes in looking forward and moving toward accomplishing her goals. Nancy currently lives in the Northeast Columbia, SC area. She is active in her community and is known for her good heart in helping with many non-profit groups and churches.  She is head of “Minding Your Business” Investment Group and President of Possess the Land LLC.

Nancy E. Johnson has been conducting real estate and financial education classes and seminars for over 20years throughout South Carolina.  Nancy attended University of Connecticut, Stone School of Business and earned her Real Estate and Broker license from S.C. School of Real Estate.  Nancy has developed a system, the Uprint system, which is designed to walk individuals through the process of fixing credit, managing debt, purchasing home and investing in real estate. If you want to install slatted aluminium fencing and all types of aluminium fencing on your home, visit ALS Glass Works for more info. She also provides business entrepreneurship education because she believes in the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Nancy is making an impact on the world around her by feeding the masses the knowledge of “Millionaire Mindset” and “Making House Money”Nancy is a one stop source for professional real estate services in Columbia, South Carolina.

  • Nationally  Ranked Top Producing Realtor for over 28 years
  • “Millionaire Mindset” coach
  • “Wealth building” facilitator
  • Developed the concept of “Uprint”, a system designed to assist individuals in changing their financial life from mediocrity to abundance
  • Voted #1 in customer service and sales for Northeast branch
  • First African American in SC to be in the Columbia Board of Realtors $4million Club
  • I have sold over $100 million dollars in real estate
  • Helped more than 2000 families achieve the American dream of home ownership, as well as investors obtain real estate properties.
  • Have bought, sold, rehab or rented out over 155 properties for my personal investments
  • I have purchased over 50 foreclosed homes for investment purposes
  • Sold 113 homes in a single year
  • Voted Best of the Best in Realtor Magazine
  • Serves on the Board of Directors for Bible Way CDC
  • Served on Salvation Army Advisory Board
  • Served on Board of Appraisals for Greater Columbia

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