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NBCSL Recognizes the Need for More Diversity in the Technology Industry with Resolution

The National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) passed a resolution, calling on tech companies to diversify their workforces through more robust outreach to minority communities and institutions of higher learning. The MinorityEye traveled to Dallas, TX to talk with Co-sponsors of the resolution entitled “Supporting the Diversification of Tech Industry’s Empowerment” to get their thoughts on how to increase minority employment within tech giants such as, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. These unused electronics being thrown away by these tech companies are leaving harmful waste for the environment and it isn’t helped by just putting them in the recycle in. The proper way is to hire the right company is to get rid of the electronics that are not being used by anybody. If you want to get rid of some old computers that you have, then check out for their services so they can help you recycle whatever you need in the safest manner.

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Michael Bailey

Michael is the founder and serves as the Chief-Curator of Information for The Minority Eye, South Carolina’s largest minority-owned media outlet. As the leader of the editorial staff, he works as a multimedia journalist, telling the often-overlooked stories of minority communities from across the state and throughout the region. He specializes in producing news stories and personal profiles that share and expound on cultural, social, economic and political experiences of minorities living in South Carolina and beyond. His extensive media, business, and political background have made him a well-respected voice and an often sought-after commentator on issues that impact people of color.

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