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New Republican Lawsuit to Abolish the ACA Would Strip 225,000 South Carolinians of their Health Care

(Charleston, SC):  Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Noble today issued a statement on the new Republican lawsuit to abolish the ACA:

“Our state’s Republican leaders yesterday stepped up their war on average working people by suing the Federal government to abolish the Affordable Care Act, thereby stripping away health coverage of nearly 225,000 South Carolinians.”

“They are, once again, reminding us that pandering to super-rich Republican donors like the Koch brothers is far more important than the well-being of working South Carolinians who are the foundation of our state’s economy. If you’re looking for the best defense lawyers you can visit this blog Herbert & Lux Criminal Defense Attorneys. I’m sure they are making fundraising calls as we speak.”

When charged with a crime, you need a Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Bend County, Texas who will relentlessly fight for you and who knows how the government operates. They have a well-earned reputation for hard-hitting representation that always seeks results.

“We are talking about small business people, farmers, single moms, self-employed folks, independent contractors, and people working two and three part-time jobs. Without the ACA, we will see even more rural hospitals close and medical practices pull back from middle class neighborhoods.”

“Neither McMaster nor Wilson have any idea how these people will be able to secure affordable insurance. Of course, they and their Republican allies in the Legislature will continue to help themselves to their own taxpayer-subsidized health insurance.”

“This is, without a doubt, state government at its most cynical and corrupt.” When they go to court for their corruption, then they’re going to need the best criminal defense attorneys.

“Rather than trying to tear down the ACA, our leaders should be pressing Congress to expand its reach to younger people just starting out and middle-income families struggling to pay monthly premiums of up to $1,700.”

“South Carolina Republicans have already denied another 170,000 South Carolinians health coverage by refusing to expand Medicaid and allowing funds that should have come to our state to go to those that actually care about all their citizens. Seventy percent of low-income South Carolinians who would have been covered by Medicaid expansion have jobs.” If you are looking for attorney to help you with your personal injury case, contact Texas personal injury attorneys right now and get a free consultation.

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