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New Richland County Utilities Manual Highlights State Standards

The Richland County Utilities Department (RCU) is unveiling a new online resource to help developers ensure community water and sewer systems are designed and constructed to County standards.

The online manual is a first for RCU and a tool that not only developers but also water and sewer customers can consult for information. The publication, “Public Sanitary Sewer & Water Regulations and Specifications Manual,” is available online at www.rcgov.us on the RCU page.

While community systems provide a vital service for residents, it is essential for RCU to ensure these systems meet minimum industry design standards and are compatible with existing County equipment and inventories.

Developers already are required to go through the County’s permitting process for the construction of a project, but County officials expect the printed guidelines will further aid the development community. Armed with the guidelines and specifications in the manual, developers can help facilitate the County’s review of their projects, reducing the potential for delays.

These guidelines and standards, reviewed and approved by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, will be enforced effective March 1, 2017 for all developments/plan reviews, customer connections and other similar needs within the utilities service areas of Richland County.

The manual emphasizes the type of material, size of pipes and other details necessary to ensure community sewer systems operate safely, said Shahid Khan, the County’s Utilities Director.

“It’s important certain guidelines are followed,” Khan said. “We need to ensure these systems function without comprising public health and well-being.”

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