Nicole Ventour Advocates for Mental Health and Discusses Candidacy for SC House District 45

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Since its inception in 1949, this observance has been crucial in addressing the challenges faced by millions of Americans living with mental health conditions.

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Business Networking Hour, hosted by EL D Productions and produced by El Davis, formerly of Black Resource Magazine, featured Nicole Ventour as their guest speaker. Ventour is a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist and Nationally Certified TF-CBT Therapist, specializing in EMDR therapy and Brainspotting.

Nicole Ventour, LISW-CP/LCSW

Nicole delivered a powerful message on mental health, trauma, and the revolutionary benefits of EMDR therapy. Her poignant speech seemed to resonate deeply with the audience.

Nicole’s passion for mental health advocacy shone through as she emphasized the importance of addressing and destigmatizing mental health issues in society. Drawing from her personal experiences with trauma, she shared profound insights on the effects trauma can have on one’s mental well-being. One highlight of her speech was her passionate endorsement of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a groundbreaking psychotherapy approach proven to effectively treat trauma and PTSD. She eloquently explained how this innovative technique helps individuals process traumatic experiences and move towards healing.

In addition to her advocacy for mental health awareness, Ventour shared her motivation for running for the House of Representatives District 45. A key platform of her political campaign is gun reform, as she firmly believes in the need for comprehensive gun control measures to prevent further tragedies and protect community safety.

The Business Networking Hour, Elegant Events 10171 Two Notch Rd, #C, Columbia, SC 29229

Throughout her speech, Nicole expressed a powerful drive to make a positive impact in both the mental health field and government. She is a passionate advocate for mental health wellness, and her commitment to improving mental health resources and implementing crucial policy changes is something that is definitely needed in the South Carolina Legislature. 

To learn more about Nicole’s work in mental health, visit For information on her candidacy for the SC House of Representatives, visit

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