Out Now: Beanie Dave series by David Christian Squires

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Join Beanie Dave as he adventures through life and grows to discover his true self. Based on the life experiences of author David Christian Squires, Beanie Dave knows he is different, but realizes this is his greatest strength. 

The Beanie Dave children book series tells the story of the fictional character Beanie Dave, who is a special young Black boy. In each book, Beanie Dave tackles various life experiences from the perspective of a preteen. Confidence, adversity, generosity, and the importance of family and friends are among the values explored throughout the series. Beanie Dave encourages all children to own their uniqueness. 

Catch up on Beanie Dave’s journey in the first two books in the series: How I Became Beanie Dave and Beanie Dave Starts a New School. Available for purchase here. Published by J2P Global Institute each for $15. 

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