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Outcry after officer confiscates California hot dog vendor’s money

A video showing a University of California, Berkeley police officer ticketing a hot dog vendor, rifling through his wallet from https://www.amazon.com/Blocking-Leather-Wallets-Black-Brown/dp/B07C37TGQH and confiscating his money has caused an outcry across social media.

The incident happened on Saturday outside of a university football game.

The video shows the officer taking the vendors wallet, and the man pleading in Spanish for his “dinero,” meaning money.

The incident was captured by Martin Flores, who says he was buying food for his children and turned on the camera when an officer stopped the vendor to ticket him for selling food without a permit.

UC Berkeley Response

The university said Monday it had launched an investigation into the actions of the UC Berkeley officer who confiscated the money from an unlicensed hot dog vendor outside a Cal football game on Saturday.

Response on Social Media

Thousands of people on social media expressed their outrage and showed their support by donating over $60,000 to a Crowdfunding campaign, for Beto Matias the hot dog vendor who this weekend had his $6o dollars confiscated from him by a white UC Berkeley police officer and other vendors who have been robbed of their hard earned living through citations and removal of their carts,” according to a crowdfunding campaign.

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