Pastor Mike Todd apologizes for wiping spit on man’s face during his Sunday sermon

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(Tulsa, Okla) – An Oklahoma pastor who led the state in prayer for protection against Covid-19 has come under fire after he wiped spit on another’s face to illustrate a point during his Sunday sermon.

During the demonstration, Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church wiped spit onto the face of another parishioner to demonstrate that “receiving God’s vision can sometimes be nasty.”

Watch Incident

There has been a backlash on social media following this incident.

In a video posted by Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church acknowledges “it was disgusting” and he apologizes for the incident.

Todd went on to say, “that was gross. I want to validate everybody’s feelings, that was a distraction to what I was really trying to do.”

He ended his apology by urging people to view the full message.

Listen to Apology

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