Preach Jacobs Talks About The Country’s Only Hip-Hop & Comics Convention

Preach Jacobs

Born and raised in Columbia, SC. Cola-Con founder, the country’s only Hip-hop comic convention.  The event brings together people who love hip-hop and comics. 

Tips for Young Black Men:

Be creative and go after what you want. Do what you love. Before I’m a black guy, I’m a Hip-Hop guy.

Local Support:

City of Columbia, SC recognized that there was an audience that was interested in comics and hip-hop, and their goal is keep ‘hip and cool’ events within Columbia.

Blue-Tile Skate Shop (located in Five Points) Skater culture, alternative cultures are just like hip-hop because they are non-conventional ways of expression. He hosts shows in the Five Points Blue Tile skate shop.

Where is Cola-Con Going?

Focus on one year at a time and learn from each year’s show. The goal is to make the current year as good as possible and allow it to grow based on lessons learned.

Cola-Con is the marriage between hip-hop culture and comics. Cola-Con’s mission is to fill the void for the fan base that loves A Tribe Called Quest and X-Men comics but don’t yet have a place to feel at home. Hip-hop culture and comics are a natural blend (as many illustrators start off as graffiti artists, and rappers have nicknames that sound like they’re from ‘Watchmen’).

Date: October 25-26, 2013

Location Columbia Convention Center, 1101 Lincoln St, Columbia, SC 29201

Price: $20-$30


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