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Preserving and Carrying Forth the Legacy of Reid Chapel and V.V. Reid

On November 14, 2014 Reverend Carey A. Grady was appointed as the Pastor of Reid Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Columbia, South Carolina and took the reigns as leader of one of the most esteemed religious institutions in Columbia.

This young Pastor who accepted the call to Ministry while still in college has pledged to preserve and carry forth the rich legacy of Reid Chapel while simultaneously innovating and modernizing the church’s ministries in order to enrich the lives of the church’s members and the lives of those in the local community.

Rev. Grady is a native of Charleston, South Carolina and as the youngest son of Bishop Zedekiah and Mrs. C.R. Grady his lineage includes one of the AME Church’s luminaries.

His father, Bishop Zedekiah Grady, is a highly respected ecumenical leader and social reformer in Charleston, SC. He served as pastor of Morris Brown A.M.E. in Charleston, SC for almost 20 years and has over 40 years of total service with the AME church.

Rev. Grady is married to Mrs. India Clemons-Grady a native of Springfield, Illinois. Mrs. Grady is an accomplished teacher.
Rev. Grady is married to Mrs. India Clemons-Grady a native of Springfield, Illinois. Mrs. Grady is an accomplished teacher.

During the 1969 hospital strike in Charleston, South Carolina, Bishop Zedekiah Grady was a key negotiator in an effort that, to this day, is recognized as forever changing the political landscape in Charleston and the state indirectly. Although it did not achieve its primary mission of union recognition, the energy of the strike fueled a voter registration drive that facilitated the election of several African American legislators, the first to be elected to South Carolina State House since Reconstruction. Charleston City Council also went from a signal black council member to six within five short years.

Reverend Carey A. Grady comes to Reid Chapel with several years of experience in the A.M.E. Church himself and is well prepared for the task of stewarding the historic institution. He has pastored four Churches including Bethlehem AME Church in Belton, S.C.; Shiloh AME Church in McCormick, S.C.; St. Peter AME Church in Decatur, Illinois and Bethel AME Cathedral of Indianapolis, Indiana.

As pastor of Reid Chapel A.M.E. Rev. Grady presides over a church that was established in 1954 to serve the Greenview community. In the 62 years since then, the church has established itself as a cornerstone of the Greenview community. The church founded V.V. Reid elementary school which enjoyed many years as one of the most prestigious African-American grade schools in city and has maintained nearly 30 ministries that serve Greenview and the Columbia area.

Now, under Reverend Grady’s direction, the church is poised to reinvigorate its membership, reclaim its alumnae and reintroduce itself to a new generation of citizens eager to have their voice heard and make their own mark on society.  Already, Rev. Grady laid out his plan to bring new energy to V.V. Reid Academy and to have to school re-establish itself as a part of the community.

Grady said he wants the community to know “V.V. Reid is alive and well. He went on to say we’ve been here 62 years and we’re going to be here 60 more years.”

If you are interested in finding out how you can get involved with the V.V. Reid Alumni Association? Rev. Grady can be reached via email at [email protected] or visit 

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