Richland County Promotes New Program to Assist Small Businesses

Small local business owners can learn how to become eligible to participate in projects and contracts with Richland County Government during an event geared toward small businesses located in the County.

Richland County is joining the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, the City of Columbia and several other agencies to hold a series of events in honor of National Small Business Week, May 12-16, at the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives from the County’s recently created Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) Program will participate in a session to provide more information about the program and how it can benefit small businesses in Richland County.

“Small business is certainly an important servant of local communities,” said Justine Jones, assistant director of the SLBE program who oversees the SLBE division. “But communities also help sustain small businesses.”

In September, the Richland County Council approved an ordinance to establish the SLBE initiative. The program will begin accepting applications this summer to increase the number of certified small and local businesses eligible to participate in the County’s competitive process for projects included in the Transportation Penny Tax program, as well as countywide projects that do not receive federal funding.

“Participation in the SLBE Program is open to any small business that does business in several industries,” Jones said. “The requirements are race and gender neutral – a business just has to be local and meet the qualifications for being a small business.”

During the weeklong observation, Richland County will participate in the “Doing Business” session from 1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Thursday, May 15 at the Chamber, 930 Richland St. in Columbia.

Small business owners are invited to attend to hear more about the SLBE program, find out what the eligibility requirements are and get more information about becoming certified. Contact the SLBE office at [email protected] for details.


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