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Richland County Seeking Input on Bag Ordinance

Richland County is seeking input on a proposed ordinance that would affect the types of bags retailers provide to the public to carry out purchases.

The purpose of the proposed rule to phase out single-use plastic bags would be, among other things, to decrease plastic litter in area waterways and reduce hidden costs passed on to consumers. A growing number of U.S. counties and municipalities have implemented or are considering a ban on single-use plastic bags. In South Carolina, bag ordinances are in effect in Charleston and Beaufort counties, as well as Arcadia Lakes.

The County encourages residents and business owners to get involved in the process, beginning with surveys to gauge public opinion on the issue. Separate surveys are available for residents and business owners and are accessible through a new page on the County’s website, www.richlandcountysc.gov/bagordinance. The page serves as a one-stop site for information on the proposed bag ordinance.

Paper copies of the surveys also are available at the Richland County Administration Building, 2020 Hampton St., in the information kiosk across from Council Chambers.

Richland County will hold a series of roundtable meetings in spring 2020 to provide information and collect public input. Feedback from the surveys and meetings will help shape the proposed ordinance before it goes back to County Council for consideration.

Organizations can also invite a speaker from the County to talk about the proposed ordinance by contacting the Department of Government and Community Services at [email protected] or 803-576-1547.

For more information, email [email protected].

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