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Richland Library Debuts Short Story Dispensers

Columbia, SC– With the push of a button, Richland Library is bringing one, three and five-minute doses of literary joy to local readers. Three Short Story Dispensers are now on display at our Main location (1431 Assembly Street), and eventually, these dispensers are making their way to other library locations and designated community spots around Richland County.

How does it work? The dispensers distribute a randomly printed story from a catalog of thousands, covering a range of genres. Then, people can save their short stories, share them with family and friends or leave them in places for others to find. Also, keep the stories going by sharing photos, using #SetStoriesFree.  

Richland Library is one of four libraries to receive Short Story Dispensers as part of Public Library Association’s (PLA) Fostering Creative Community Connections project. The other three libraries are:

  • Akron-Summit County (OH) Public Library
  • Free Library of Philadelphia (PA)
  • Wichita (KS) Public Library

Currently, there are 150 Short Story Dispensers installed or about to be installed with a goal to promote reading, community engagement, library programs and services, and creative expression from diverse writers.

Stay tuned, Richland Library plans to release details in fall 2018 on how local writers can contribute to future content in the Short Story Dispensers.

For questions, please contact Emily Stoll at 803-587-3637 or email[email protected].
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