Safeguarding Small Business Innovation in the Digital Age

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(Columbia, SC) – As the founder of Lebby Consulting, I understand the essential role that technology plays in the growth and success of small and medium-sized businesses. Our firm has been at the forefront of providing innovative IT solutions, ensuring that our clients can seamlessly integrate technology into their business models.

In the current business landscape, having access to advanced technology is crucial. It’s not just an advantage but a fundamental requirement for staying competitive. At Lebby Consulting, we specialize in offering Virtual CIO Services, helping businesses to set strategic IT goals, plan budgets effectively, and implement necessary technological changes.

Unfortunately, proposed legislative measures that limit access to digital platforms threaten the ability of small businesses to leverage these essential resources. Such restrictions could stifle innovation and hinder economic growth. As an advocate for the economic vitality of our community, I urge lawmakers to consider the broader implications of these laws on small businesses.

It is vital that we cultivate a supportive environment for technological innovation, enabling small businesses to compete effectively on both national and international levels. By enacting policies that enhance technological access and encourage innovation, we can ensure the ongoing success of our local businesses.

Carl Lebby
Lebby Consulting

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