SC Rep. Pendarvis Embarks on The Dream to Reality Tour: Uncovering South Carolina’s Eviction Crisis

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Beginning September 16th, 2020 through October 31st, State Representative Marvin Pendarvis will be conducting an advocacy tour called “The Dream to Reality Tour: Uncovering South Carolina’s Eviction Crisis.” This tour will educate and inform South Carolina constituents on housing issues, programs, services, and initiatives.

During the tour, Rep. Pendarvis will host weeklong efforts, which will consist of initiatives such as Media Mondays, Talk Tuesdays, Woke Wednesdays, and Tour Thursdays. Representative Pendarvis’ dedication and commitment to serving the constituents of District 113 and the State of South Carolina. He is extremely passionate about housing issues, policies, programs, and services as it relates to the citizens and residents of South Carolina.

The second leg of the Tour will begin in the Charleston Area in Charleston, Georgetown, and Berkeley Counties at North Charleston City Hall, Council Chambers, 2500 City Hall Lane, North Charleston on Thursday, October 1st at 5:30 pm. Representative Pendarvis will host a conversation with elected officials, community stakeholders, and residents of South Carolina affected by the eviction crisis.  After this event, Representative Pendarvis will travel to Berkeley County for a conversation and dialogue with other community stakeholders and tour affected areas of the housing and eviction crisis.

All social distancing guidelines will apply at all events and activities. All who attend are asked to please wear your mask.

For further information please contact, Radia Baxter at or Devon Owens at

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