Share Your News: Advertising Space Cost. Editorial Space is Free!

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Editorial Space is Free!

As a minority-focused publication, The MinorityEye distributes press releases from businesses and non-profit organizations that need to share timely and relevant information with minority audiences. We welcome all news and information that may directly or indirectly affect minority consumers, voters, or communities of color.  This may include but is not limited to announcements about any of the following, political or issues campaigns, public service announcements, new hire notices, grand openings, change of hours notifications, launches for new products or services or new digital marketing tools such as the launch of a new app.

If you’re a minority business owner or lead a non-profit organization that has news and information to share, let us spread the word to our 400,000 plus subscribers, friends, fans, and followers. Please submit your announcement or press release in a Microsoft word format 300 to 1500 words. Remember to attach at least two high-resolution pictures to be published along with your announcement or press release. 

Send all news and information to,

Marketing Tips for Great Press Release and Announcements.

Come up with a great title. The most effective titles are either short and to the point or longer and convey excitement, emotion or spark a reader’s interest. 

Use photos of yourself, your product, your business location or any image that relates to your announcement or press release. A great photo is the number one reason people click on a blog post or article. (Note: Always submit pictures that have been shot in landscape mode) Vertical pictures are only for posting on your personal social media pages)

“Increased Visibility leads to greater Credibility.” 

Remember, when your information is published on blogs and in newsletters, it increases your visibility. Using blogs and newsletters ensures that your marketing message reaches people and potential customers far beyond your personal friends on social media and those on your email list. 

The MinorityEye is a news and information aggregator that curates the voices, thoughts and perspectives of minority writers, bloggers, authors, reporters, columnists, pundits, consultants and thought leaders as well as those who write about minorities and issues that impact people and communities of color.

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