Marketing Strategy & Audit Session


Marketing Strategy & Audit Session

These one-on-one marketing sessions can either take place in person or over the phone and will give you an outside perspective on how your brand looks to the media, suggestions on how to maximize your marketing budget and make recommendations on how to increase your visibility in the marketplace. We can provide ideas on how to improve on your current efforts and give you the exclusive opportunity to take advantage of some greatly discounted marketing services in order to help you gain an edge over your competition.

After your session you will have a thorough audit of your current marketing efforts and tips and advice on how to improve your overall marketing strategy.

In addition, one of our marketing specialists will evaluate your advertising needs and show you how you can maximize your marketing budget to reach the most people. We will review your:

  • Website
  • Current Marketing Materials (Business cards, logo, website, social media pages, Ads, flyers, press releases, videos…etc.)
  • Marketing Message (wording/verbiage)
  • Branding



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