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SiriAustin Tapped to Produce Film Version of Acclaimed Beverly Jenkins Novel “Deadly Sexy”

SiriAustin, the publishing and media production company founded by author and producer Iris Bolling, has been selected to produce the film version of the Acclaimed Beverly Jenkins’ Novel “Deadly Sexy.”

Deadly Sexy follows the electrifying romance between sports agent JT Blake, who is as tough as she is beautiful and Reese Anthony, the impossibly sexy trucker who gives her a lift back to Oakland.

Bolling said that making of Deadly Sexy is a significant step, not just for her company or for the author Beverly Jenkins but for all authors. “It will give hope to those who dream of having their book made into a film. It also opened doors of opportunity for actors and crew members who desire a chance to show their skills during the production. It also gives independent filmmakers a chance to show the advancement of our products to the masses.”

“Black Romance Matters,” said author Beverly Jenkins. “The success of the Deadly Sexy project can lead to another author’s book2film project then another, and another, and another. The avenue of possibilities is limitless when we come together in a collaborative effort to see good stories, told our way, come to life on film.”

A GoFundMe Campaign has been launched to support the final production of the film.  Contributions can be made at https://www.gofundme.com/DS-TheMovie.

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