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Small Meetings are Becoming a Big Trend in Event Planning

By: Michael Bailey – 

When we think of events many still envision large convention centers with packed meeting rooms but small events are increasingly becoming the trend. By some estimates, over $24 billion is spent annually on events with less than 100 in attendance; and that number is expected to grow over the next several years as companies and organizations work to control costs and provide a more intimate experience for attendees.

This move toward smaller, more meaningful meetings is creating an increased demand for more non-traditional venues that offer a unique space to create a memorable experience.

One such space that has begun to generate buzz is the WOW Performing Arts Center (THE PAC). Located on Shakespeare Rd in Columbia, SC, THE PAC specializes in small gatherings of 50 or less and has a unique, urban retro feel. The venue offers a blank slate with unlimited possibilities to bring any meeting to life. Professional lighting and sound also available.

With competitive rates and comprehensive service packages, venues like THE PAC have become a favorite for meeting planners tasked with finding hip new event spaces that cater to small groups.

As for the owners of THE PAC, they ask the question, “Why put on a meeting when you can put on a production?” and are excited to lead the way in creating new possibilities for providing event planners across the Midlands with an ideal location for a trendy intimate space.

Book The PAC for your next event! Rental rates starting as low as $60 dollars.

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Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey is the Chief Curator of Information at The MinorityEye a nationally recognized news blog that focuses on news, events and issues relevant minority communities. He is also an Integrated Marketing Communication Specialist at TME Media Group. His firm provides consulting and training services to non-traditional entrepreneurs as well as corporate, state and local agencies on how to develop integrated marketing strategies that connect with minority consumers.

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