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South Carolina’s leading Black Media outlets form 2020 Black Media Coalition

South Carolina’s leading Black Media outlets have united to establish the 2020 South Carolina Black Media Coalition. The coalition was formed to create more equity for minority media outlets during the 2020 campaign season. Democratic Presidential candidates often campaign for black votes but rarely make time to do interviews with black-owned media outlets or buy ads in their publications. At best, campaigns send surrogates or campaign representatives to do interviews with black-owned media outlets and prioritize candidate interviews with white-owned publications. This is because democratic candidates tend to take black voters for granted and see little need to put extra effort into winning their votes. The coalition was formed to ensure that not one black voter is taken for granted and that black-owned media outlets are not ignored by presidential candidates.  

Members of the coalition include Carolina Panorama, Millennium Magazine, Momentum Digital Network, The Community Times, The Times Upstate, The Charleston Chronicle, and The MinorityEye.

The coalition serves as a one-stop resource for 2020 presidential candidates who recognize the influence of South Carolina’s minority voters and respect those voters enough to invest in meeting them where they are by speaking to them via the media outlets right within their communities. 

With 27.8% of the population, the state’s African American voting bloc has the power to impact who will win the party’s nomination. Candidates have sought meaningful ways to break through the noise and deliver their message to African American voters. The establishment of the 2020 Black Media Coalition streamlines the process of delivering your message to over 70% of South Carolina’s Black voters. 

More importantly, investing in the Coalition demonstrates to readers that candidates are willing to offer more than platitudes when it comes to contributing tangible resources into African American communities.

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