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(Columbia, SC) – Our trio of newsletters is intricately crafted to spotlight events that resonate with the minority populations of Columbia and diverse groups across the state. Specifically tailored for those seeking culturally enriching experiences and networking opportunities, our publications serve as a platform for events that may not always receive widespread attention from mainstream media. We prioritize promoting gatherings that hold immense value for small and minority business owners, ensuring they have access to unique opportunities that contribute to both their cultural enrichment and professional growth. Subscribe today to stay connected to the vibrant tapestry of Columbia’s diverse communities and unlock hidden gems that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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Our newsletters serve as a direct line to cultural happenings, networking opportunities, and events that matter. Perfect for entrepreneurs and those seeking to engage in the local scene, our publications are your guide to staying informed and involved.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Networking Made Simple: Access exclusive events crafted for individuals with business interests. Forge connections, share insights, and participate in gatherings that matter to your professional journey.
  2. Your Weekly Cultural Briefing: Stay on top of Columbia’s cultural landscape with our carefully curated newsletters, ensuring you’re always aware of the latest events and trends.
  3. More Than Newsletters: Beyond being newsletters, our publications serve as a reliable source for understanding the pulse of Columbia.

Your Weekly Itinerary:

  1. The Week-In-A-Blink (Mondays): Start your week right with a summary of the week’s events, setting the stage for a week filled with cultural exploration and community engagement.
  2. Mid-Week NewsLink (Wednesdays): Receive mid-week updates with our NewsLink, connecting you to the community through press releases and announcements.
  3. The Weekend Wink (Fridays): As the weekend approaches, let The Weekend Wink be your guide to family-friendly outings, cinematic experiences, social gatherings, and community events.

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Don’t just live in Columbia; be an active part of it. Subscribe to The Week-In-A-Blink trio and gain access to a reliable source of information, helping you navigate the city’s dynamic landscape with ease.

Subscribe today and stay connected with Columbia’s cultural essence. Your weekly journey into the heart of the city awaits!

Michael Bailey, a trailblazer in the field of photojournalism and a profound political writer, possesses the exceptional ability to distill complex political issues into accessible narratives that resonate with readers of all backgrounds. As the vanguard of the editorial team, Michael not only serves as a new media correspondent but also showcases his distinct talent as a photojournalist. His portfolio is a testament to his expertise in crafting news stories and intimate profiles that vividly portray the cultural, social, economic, and political journeys of minorities, both in South Carolina and beyond. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning media, business, and politics, Michael has emerged as a highly regarded voice and a sought-after commentator, offering invaluable insights into the challenges faced by people of color.

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