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Community-centered Platforms for Public Awareness


Keeping Minority Communities Informed and Engaged

We publish several of the trendiest ‘Mobile Publications’ in the state. Some call them newsletters, but we call them ‘community-centered-communications, but for the sake of expedience, we will go with the term newsletter for now. 

Our weekly lineup starts on Mondays with, The Week-In-A-Blink. The newsletter covers events taking place Monday through Friday in the Midlands. On Wednesday we distribute a community news wire called The Mid-Week NewsLink to over 175,000 subscribers statewide. It contains the most interesting and informative press releases and announcements that we received that week. 

Finally, on Friday mornings, we send out our most popular newsletter, The Weekend Wink, to over 400,000 subscribers, who are all wondering what’s going on this weekend. The “Wink” lets them know what family-friendly events are going on, such as fairs and festivals. What new movies are coming out, what day parties they can drop by, or what evening jazz show they can unwind at with their significant other, for our politically engaged subscribers what march or political rally they can attend in order to become more informed or to support a good cause.