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Teen Selfie-Snappers Are Going Wild For The ‘Selfie Stick’

By: Bianca Bosker –

The selfie trend is already big. But Asian teens have found a way to make the actual pictures even bigger.

“It’s called a selfie stick,” explains Diana Hemas Sari, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Indonesia. She’s holding an extendable metal wand that has a blue plastic handle at one end and her white Samsung smartphone clipped to the other.

I’ve just watched her use this monopod — nicknamed the “selfie stick” since she and her friends use it exclusively for selfies — to lift her phone three feet away in the air, set the camera’s self-timer, then snap a photo of her mugging with her seven closest pals.

Gone are the days of blurry, solo self-portraits caught by flip phones in bathroom mirrors. Selfies have become such a social network staple that teens and 20-somethings around southeast Asia, a region that boasts the world’s most active selfie-snappers, have invested in these metal wands to perfect their self-portraits, squeeze more people into the frame and be sure they never miss out on a Facebook-worthy moment.

Strange as it looks, pulling out a selfie stick is less awkward than bugging a stranger to take a photo, says Sari. And auto-photographers can take as many pictures as they need to get it right. When the shot is perfected, selfie sticks collapse into the handle and become small and portable.

In Indonesia, “it’s become a trend,” Sari explains.

A few others milling about us at a reception for young entrepreneurs chime in that it’s big in Malaysia too. And the Philippines, adds someone else — small surprise given that the Philippines’ Makati City was recently named the “selfie capital of the world” by Time. (Two cities in Malaysia also cracked the top 10.)

Searching #selfiestick on Facebook and Instagram turns up photos of everyone from tourists to public servants snapping pictures of themselves with the metal arm, as well as online stores touting the accessory as a way to “never miss out on that perfect shot.”


Source: Huffington Post

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