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The Culture of Business

One of the ways to determine if a business is a great place to work is by exploring its culture.  The culture of a business is how leaders and staff communicate with one another and interact with their customers.  Language, interiors, fashion, and attitude is also indicators of business culture.  If you’re looking for printing services on renovating your house then window decals are particularly effective on making your windows more attractive. Business owners and leaders often disregard the role Culture plays in their business or the influence it demands.

Culture in business is powerful because people want to work for companies that fit their beliefs and treat employees as valued assets.  Customers want to patronize businesses that have good employee relationships, community-centered and listens to their concerns even if they can’t be fixed.  Businesses want to attract the most talented workers, however, if the culture sucks the talent you attract sucks.  Yes, this is a strong statement but again it is true.

The culture of a business starts with leadership.  If leaders are disengaged from their employees, inconsiderate of their concerns, set unattainable goals, value employees based on their position, show favoritism, hire all their friends, they are creating a culture of disaster.  Employees begin to believe they do not matter.  Their voice does not matter.  Their work performance does not matter.  The customers do not matter.  The company does not matter.  The result of this type of negative Culture is employee call-outs become rampant, gossip takes over, behaviors and attitudes are less than desired, talented employees seek employment elsewhere, and customers stay away.  Employees are even found within the community telling people why their workplace is horrible.  Businesses close each and everyday not necessarily because they don’t have a great product or service but because of the culture.  Business owners and leaders have much to learn about the investment in their business culture.

Forbes Magazine listed 100 companies that are the best place to work in 2018.  Publix Super Markets have graced this list for 19 years in a row.  Publix boasts 1,150 stores in 7 states.  Why is Publix so successful well, notice what employees have to say about their Culture:  91% of staff say they have Great Bosses, 93% say Great Communication, 92% say Great Atmosphere, and 94% say Great Pride.  Publix wants to ensure their Culture is one that values its employees and as a result regardless of your position you are considered an owner of the company.  It has been said that some staff have retired as millionaires.  Publix demonstrates that when leaders take the necessary steps to create a Culture of value the behavior of employees become one in which they value one another and their customers.  The result of this Culture is customers can’t stay away.

The Culture of a business can be improved by:

  1. Start with leadership.  Leaders should demonstrate the values and behaviors they would like to see in their staff.  If you are a grumpy leader your staff will be grumpy employees and your customers will receive grumpy service. If you are a leader who gossips your staff will gossip and your customers will gossip about you within the community and take their business to your competition.
  2. Revisit your mission and values statement. Do your employees know the mission and values statement?  If so, what does it mean to them?  If your employees are unaware of your mission and values statement, make it your focus as you work to improve the Culture.
  3. Communication is essential to a thriving and growing work Culture. Develop systems to keep leaders engaged with staff and staff engaged with their leaders.  Have you ever visited a business an everyone was clueless when you asked them a question?  Employees that are clueless give customers the impression they are a bother and unwanted.  Communicate to your employees daily no less than weekly so they can stay informed about the business.  Yes, they need to know the business.
  4. Education is power. How powerful are your employees?  On-going education and training should be mandatory in any work Culture.  The world around us is constantly changing and improving with technological advancements, trends, and discoveries.  Creating a Culture of knowledge is creating a Culture of wins.
  5. Celebrate your employees. Creating a Culture in which you demonstrate appreciation for your staff is a part of Culture often missed.  A Culture of appreciation demonstrates value, support, and simply one that says, “Thank You”, We Need You”, We Appreciate You”.

The culture of a business adds to its growth, prosperity, and creates an environment in which employees love their company and leaders.  Many business owners and business leaders believe they must adopt a Culture in which they are harsh and authoritative.  This type of Culture exasperates employees and diminishes their loyalty.  Leaders are the driving force to a Culture of wins.  Examine your Culture today and take the necessary steps to win.

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Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson, MBA is the owner of Pecan P.I.E. Marketing Firm. Pecan P.I.E. uses a methodology they created called Pieology to create cohesiveness between administration, employees, and customers. Michelle is also the host of Pecan Pie web series. The web series focuses on principals of Pieology People, Interiors, and Elegance found within the community that unites people together. Pecan Pie web series also is a testimony to what makes the south such an amazing place to work, live, and conduct business.

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