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The Democratic Black Caucus and SCDP Rural Caucus to Host Listening Session in Fairfield

DBCSC Minority Voter Listening Tour

On June 15, 2019, the South Carolina Democratic Party Rural Caucus and the Democratic Black Caucus will host the first Fairfield County Listening Session. The event will take place from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. at 843 John Brice Road Blair, SC 29015, the home of Tangee Brice Jacobs, Chairwoman of the South Carolina Democratic Party’s Rural Caucus.

The June 15 Listening Session is a part of the Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina’s official Minority Voter Listening Tour which launched in March 2019 and comes on the heels of May’s announcement that Tangee Brice Jacobs had been appointed Chair of the Rural Caucus.  

As Chair of the Rural Caucus, Jacobs is tasked with galvanizing South Carolina’s rural constituents and spearheading the Caucus’ rural agenda across the state.

The opportunity to partner with the Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina to host a listening session in Fairfield County presented an ideal avenue for both caucuses to engage voters in the area and begin work towards meeting the goal of hosting face-to-face meetings with Black voters in the state’s 46 counties.

The inaugural listening session proved to be a historic town hall forum hosted by Reid Chapel AME Church. The March meeting was attended by well-respected community activist and leaders who represented the cornerstones of activism across the Midlands. Attendees included over a dozen leaders who proved to be an avid audience eager to assume the charge and help meet goals and objectives that the Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina has outlined in an effort to give the Black political agenda a voice in the 2020 year election cycle.

As the trailblazing Chairwoman of the SCDP’s Rural Caucus, Jacobs will be at the forefront of efforts to expand the listening sessions into the rural corners of the state.

Fairfield County is currently ranked among the highest in South Carolina for unemployment and lowest in education. Statewide, an imminent water crisis is rising in rural communities and Black voters are voicing early concern that, while national issues such as the trade war and border legislation are taking center-stage, kitchen table issues for African Americans in South Carolina such as wealth gaps and the need to stabilize the economic future for their communities are being overlooked — particularly in Fairfield and other rural counties.

In response, the Democratic Black Caucus is working to document their concerns of South Carolina’s black residents and deliver them to all 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates.

“Black people are tired of being taken for granted by the Democratic party, they are dying to be heard and that’s why the Democratic Black Caucus is hosting these listening sessions, to let black voters know we hear you,” said Johnnie Cordero, Chairman of the Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina.

Fairfield County residents and neighbors are invited to attend the June 15 “We Hear You” at Jacobs’ residence. All presidential, statewide and local candidates or their representatives are encouraged to attend this and all future listening sessions.

“Every Democratic candidate running for president needs to be in one of these listening sessions,” SCDP Chairman Trav Robertson urged.

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