The FAAAC Presents: Talk with Artists Winton and Rosa Eugene​

The Friends of African American Art & Culture (FAAAC) partners with McKissick Museum for an intimate conversation with self-taught African American potters Winton and Rosa Eugene. For thirty years, this husband and wife artistic duo has produced a body of functional wares and sculptural works that speak to Southerners’ shared experiences and seek to address issues that resonate with them. Hear about the couples’ artistic process and how they have sustained a thriving arts-based business. This FAAAC talk, which includes a pop-up store featuring the pottery of the Eugenes, complements Place It / Face It : Pottery by Eugene, an exhibition on view at McKissick Museum through December 15. The talk will be held at the CMA.

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Sharon Sanders

Sharon Sanders is a Digital Engagement Strategist and a Curator of information at The MinorityEye and the President of Clairvoyant, LLC which specializes in strategic communications and multimedia services. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Argosy University and she specializes in “Online Consumer Psychology.” Sharon provides companies with research and insight into the processes underlying consumer behavior in online environments…

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