The Honorable Judge J. Michelle Childs to Keynote 125th Annual Palmetto Medical, Dental, & Pharmaceutical Association Convention

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COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Honorable Judge J. Michelle Childs will serve as keynote speaker of the Palmetto Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Association (PMDPA)’s 125th Annual Convention on April 22-24, 2022 via Zoom. Her keynote “Make or Break A Case: Expert Testimony by Medical/Dental/Pharmaceutical Professionals” will address medical subject matter experts in the court of law. The conference is free and open to the public, but registration is required. Attendees will engage in discussion with health leaders about various health topics in South Carolina.

Meeting Sessions Include:

  • Social Determinants in Health Disparities in the COVID Pandemic (Dr. Marvella Ford, Professor, MUSC)
  • Pharmaceutical Management of COVID Update (Dr. Jimmy Pruitt, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, MUSC)
  • What Physicians, Dentists, & Pharmacists Can Do (Dr. Divya Ahuja, Prisma Health)
  • UIM and Health Professional School Admissions [C.O.D.E. Med, Willette S. Burnham-Williams, PhD (Professor, MUSC); & Robert Rhinehart, PhD (USC SOM-Columbia)]
  • Being Mindful as a Physician, Dentist, or Pharmacist of HIV in the COVID Pandemic (Dr. Ada Stewart,
  • Chair, American Academy of Family Physicians) SC AMEN Project Addressing Prostate Cancer (Dr. Marvella Ford, Professor, MUSC)
  •  Health Equity and Eliminating Health Disparities, Cleaner Air & Clean Energy (Dr. Linda Walden, National Medical Association)
  • Empowering Black Neighborhoods Through Advocacy (Omar Muhammad, Executive Director, Lowcountry Alliance for Model Communities
  • Effects of COVID-19 on Dental Practices (Dr. Raymond Lala, SC DHEC)
  • Medical Marijuana (Dr. Michael McKenzie, USC, Oak Care Team)
  •  Misplaced Medical Mistrust??? (Burnett W. Gallman, MD)
  • ON THE CORNER:  SC Dental Board Info and Updates for Practicing Dentists (Donald L Marler, DMD) SC Board of Dentistry President

“We are excited to convene our 125th annual meeting of a diverse and dynamic group of medical professionals in South Carolina,” said Patricia Chapman, RPh, PMDPA President. “Judge Michelle Childs will definitely bring a new perspective as she discusses the criteria of being a medical subject matter expert in the court of law. The convention will spotlight the devastating impact that COVID-19, climate change, and healthcare inequity has on communities of color. We continue to focus on optimal health while navigating through the pandemic.”

Registration now available on Eventbrite at

For more information, contact  Follow the PMDPA on Facebook and Instagram @PMDPA1896.

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