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The MinorityEye Promises to “Make News Great Again” with the Launch of its Live News Broadcast on Facebook

The MinorityEye promises to “Make News Great Again,” by capitalizing on the growing popularity of Live Streaming video. The innovative, community-powered news and information hub is breaking all the rules this holiday season with the launch of its Facebook Live news broadcast that is set to turn local news on its head.

Breaking all the Rules

With no set time, no set day, not set topic, we’re on a mission to provide positive, entertaining and empowering information for local minority communities.

Starting the week of December 20, “The MinorityEye Live with Michael Bailey and Cohorts” will launch on Facebook Live on the blog’s Facebook Fan-page. The show will be produced and managed almost entirely by using mobile devices. The show will run for about 15-30 minutes and will provide a local perspective on local, statewide, and national news and events. It will also act as a platform for economic empowerment for local minority business owners.

Show Format

The show’s format will be interview style and allow guests and viewers to call-in and appear on the show using our split-screen feature.

The start of the show will be announced via Facebook Post and Twitter 15 minutes before each show begins.

Show More

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