Most Interesting Minorities

The MinorityEye Releases Its List of Most Interesting Minorities of 2014

The 2014 list of Most Interesting Minorities truly belongs to the innovators. The individuals who made the list didn’t just change the game they created new ones. It seems that the buzz word for 2014 was “Innovation,” because the list is dominate by inventors and innovators.

Each person who made the 4th Annual Most Interesting Minorities list is truly an innovator. They not only gave the Midlands something it has never seen before but they did it their way, by their rules and on their own terms.

Their products, books, stories, talents, services and companies are inspiring and it has been pure joy following them on their path to success as they shared their journies with us on social media.

Individuals were chosen for the list using an algorithm similar to what Facebook uses to choose which friends’ posts show up in your news feed or which ads you see in the sidebar of your browser.

The algorithm monitors and calculates an individual’s digital footprint. In order to make it into the running, a person’s name or business name must be mentioned at least 3,000 times in some form of digital communication that The MinorityEye receives directly or indirectly through emails, search engine queries, social media postings, press releases, tags, tweets and so forth.


Mike, Gabby & Rozalynn Goodwin

The Goodwin Family : Mike, Rozalynn & Gabby Goodwin –

Mike – As a family focused man who is grounded in his faith, Mike Goodwin is a comedian who believes laughter is truly good for the soul. Considered one of the brightest young minds in comedy Mike brings a refreshingly funny and family friendly style to an industry that is not always family friendly. When he isn’t traveling and sharing his gift with the world, Mike is part-time blogger who shares his challenges and triumphs with his craft and his on-going work to get and stay fit.

Rozalynn & Gabby  – As  vice president for community engagement for the South Carolina Hospital Association, Rozalynn has become a national voice for the Affordable Healthcare Act; committing herself to educating the public on recent policy changes.  Her work, however, doesn’t stop there.  When not educating the community, she is teaching her young daughter the principles of business and entrepreneurship as the two work side-by-side to promote and sell their invention, GaBBY Bows, the world’s first Double-Face Double Snap Barrett.  Together, the mother and daughter duo have found a way to help frustrated parents prevent hair slippage and create perfect for pigtails, braids and twists.  Already, their barrettes can be found in Walgreens stores throughout the Southeast and, before long, we can anticipate finding them in stores across the nation.

With the king of bow tie comedy, a renowned health care advocate and a young entrepreneur all in one family; the Goodwins are unquestionably among the most interesting people of 2014.


Molesey Crawford
Molesey Crawford

Molesey Crawford – is the owner/ President CEO of The Queen code.

Molesey is an Author, Speaker and Queen Mentor. The Queen Code™ movement for women of great potential searching for their destiny. She called them “Queens searching for their thrones”. Dubbed the “21st Century Harriet Tubman”, Molesey’s mission became freeing the hearts and minds of women to find their passion, pursue their destiny and step into their feminine power.

Boasting over 200,000 Facebook followers and nearly 20,000 Twitter followers, Molesey has continued to inspire women to be their best throughout the year and into their future.

Molesey has made it her life’s work to support women on their journey of deep healing and transformation and to empower them in the process of discovering the Queen within.

As she focuses on encouraging women to raise the bar and elevate the status of women world-wide, Molesey is committed to giving women the tools to become the change we all wish to see and restore womanhood and femininity back to their rightful place.


Kimberly Richardson
Kimberly Richardson

Kimberly Richardson  is a Motivational Speaker and President and Founder of Widows of Opportunity, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Columbia, SC. that she started as a way to provide widows with the support and encouragement that she herself did not receive after the loss of her husband.

Since its establishment in 2011, Kimberly has grown participation in the organization to over 30,000 widows in 32 states and 7 countries. In only four short years, Widows of Opportunity has truly become an international resource that supports women worldwide.

In addition to her non-profit work, Kimberly also serves as a motivational speaker, and has been featured on various events to share her story with the world.

Kimberly’s story is a living example that there is happiness after loss and she has committed herself to helping others embrace that truth.

Her network of resources and encouragement for those in need of support during one of the hardest times in life and her unwavering commitment to helping others find their happiness truly puts her among the most interesting of 2014.


Shea Ra'Mond Harley
Shea Ra’Mond Harley

Shea Ra’Mond  Harley  is the host of House of Harley, Talk Radio. House of Harley is an online radio show that is quickly becoming a respect and effective media platform for today’s ever connected generation to discuss social issues and to weigh-in with their thoughts and opinions on many of the issues, events and people that are making headlines in the news today.

Throughout 2014 the show became a go to platform that focused on bridging the gap between the young and old through Hip Hop Music, and tackling the elephant in the room!


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Russell Stewart
Russell Stewart

Russell Stewart – a native of Lugoff, South Carolina, Russell Stewart is a 2008 graduate of Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Russell serves as a Life Agent and Registered Representative for one of the largest financial services companies in North America. Russell also is the Principal and Co-Founder of Harvey and Stewart Capital LLC, a strategic business development company based in Columbia.

Whether its redefining thoughts about money through financial planning or redefining thoughts about success through changing habits,  Russell has made it his life work to help others be their best selves; a passion that led to the release of his first book “The 30 Day Difference: Make It A Habit and Make It Happen.”

Russel’s book challenges readers to think positive, take action, form new habits and build self-confidence while pursuing a specific goal. As readers attempt to change old habits and receive the results they’ve been searching for, this book provides the tools to a great start to provide direction in the reader’s life.

In today’s selfie-centered culture of instant gratification it’s refreshing to find a young man so focused on building up others and so we are pleased to add him to our list for 2014.


Mauricio Richardson
Mauricio Richardson

Mauricio Richardson  is the owner of PressMark LLC, where “Your Image is Everything.”

Mauricio is a dually talented individual who puts his creativity in everything he does. As a gifted musician Mauricio has been praised for his skills with a trumpet and as a photographer he has established a reputation of having an extraordinary eye. Throughout 2014, his wedding and engagement photos have created a stir on social media by capturing the very essence of love and matrimony.

Mauricio has said that his mission is to ensure that everyone that he has an opportunity to work with is able to rest at night knowing that they have been handled with honesty, integrity, professionalism and courtesy.

As a rising star in the world of photography, Mauricio has taken some of the most memorable images of the year and photographed a laundry list of clients from all walks of life whom he has shown with full emotion. His unique style and unfailing ability to get every shot just right puts him on our list for 2014.


Hank Bilal
Hank Bilal

Hank Bilal the extremely talented and professional trombonist, Hank Bilal has undeniably made a name for himself in the world of music.

A Graduate of Benedict College, he received a Bachelor of Arts in music and went on to launch a career that has allowed him to perform at some of the largest music events in the country including The Grammy Awards and the New Orleans Jazz Fest where he has had the opportunity to share the stage with music greats such as Aretha Franklin, BeBe Winans, John Legend and more.

Despite his national acclaim, Bilal and  his band, Vitality, have continued to keep Columbia as their home base; contributing to the city’s live music scene and offering his community his musical services through volunteering, teaching and mentoring.



Reshieka Bell
Reshieka Bell

Rashieka Bell  is the owner of Fashion Forward Mobile Boutique, LLC, Columbia’s first fashion truck and she is “Always driving FASHION FORWARD to you!”

A Columbia native, Rashieka is an experienced fashion professional who had a long time dream of opening her own boutique. In 2008 she began a mobile business bringing beauty to women by selling accessories from her car and driving locally to provide makeup and lash services.  Soon, however, it became evident that her business was outgrowing the small space of her personal vehicle and she knew there was a need to upgrade her ‘traveling boutique.’

After considering her options, she found inspiration in the food truck trend and decided to open a mobile retail truck to bring celebrity inspired designs to clients wherever they might be.

Now, Resheika has become a popular source for style on the go.  She has been a fixture at trendy events such as Columbia’s Soda City and her truck is in demand at fashion events across the state.

Her commitment to entrepreneurship, professionalism, personal growth and making high quality fashion accessible to women of all backgrounds and in all locations makes her a deserving member of this year’s list.


Tyra Kiki Little-Mitchell
Tyra Kiki Little-Mitchell

Tyra KiKi Little-Mitchell – Tyra is Managing Director at Beauty for Ashes Christian Development Group, a revolutionary movement committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through the creation and development of products and services that illustrate, demonstrate and communicate faith.

As the inventor of “The Jesus Button” Tyra’s ministry has become a calling to make God’s word accessible at the push of a button. Preloaded with 14 Scripture based messages, the Jesus Button has already become popular among Gospel superstars like Fred Hammond,  Tye Tribbit and Malcolm Williams.

Retired from the United States Airforce, Tyra has a lifetime of experiences that have taught her the importance of carrying God’s word through both the good and the bad.

Through entrepreneurship and a spirit of obedience Tyra has used her personal narrative as a source of encouragement and a testament of power that comes with bringing a vision to life.


Shayna M. Boston
Shayna M. Boston

Shayna M. Boston – President and CEO of BostonFirst Administrative Management Services, Shayna helps small businesses and start-ups focus on their core business function by handling the day-to-day administrative needs that too often become time thieves. BostonFirst takes on tasks such as event management, paying bills, invoicing customers, web site design, making deposits, etc. all while building her own brand and maintaining an active social media presence.

In fact, it’s Shayna’s unique and creative social media engagement that has most endeared her to her clients and followers, better known as the “Good People”of her online community.

Shayna keeps the “Good People” entertained with the likes of Money Making Monday, Tummy Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday and Freedom Friday.

Sharing everything from business tips to wedding trends, Shayna Boston is an entrepreneur you’re sure to want to follow.


Curt Thomas
Curt Thomas

Curt Thomas – is the owner of Thomas Unlimited, LLC. He is a former South Carolina State Trooper turned motivational speaker and Author.

Curt honorably served four years Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force and still serves in the Air Force Reserves. After nearly 7 years with the South Carolina Highway Patrol he made the decision that he could best serve the community by following his passion and becoming a full-time speaker and author.

Now Curt uses his life experience to  work with students and help them develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

While the debate goes on about what society can do about the problems plaguing today’s youth, Curt Thomas outlines concrete solutions in his life-skills book, “Three Keys to Becoming a Responsible Student.”

Curt’s commitment to guiding middle and high school students to reach their full potential makes him a true leader in his community.



Marvolus – Hip-Hop artist and one of the founding partners of the Barbarian Rap League, Marvolus is on a mission to make the Barbarian Rap League the number one battle rap league in the South.

Arguably one of the best rappers in the Palmetto state, Marvolus is a visionary lyricists. When he teamed with fellow artist, Gemstar who, in his own right, is considered one of SC’s best.

Marvolus takes The Barbarian Rap League throughout the state and the region using his status as a respected lyricist to lend street credibility and recruit some of the best hip-hop talent in the state to participate in the battles and talent showcases.

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