The MinorityEye to host Community Discussion Called ‘Fatal Encounters’ at a New Networking Series

The 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin was a watershed moment; forcing America to face the vulnerability of black lives.  However, it was the 2014 killing of Michael Brown at the hands of a white police officer and the unrest that followed that led to a real rising of consciousness to take hold in communities across the nation.

Since then, too many more African-Americans have lost their lives at the hands of vigilantes, law enforcement officers and those so filled with hate that they would gun down a group of worshipers in a church.

In response to the seemingly endless roster of black lives lost, Black Lives Matter has become a rallying cry and a movement.  Yet, there remains more to be done. Hence the inception of The MinorityEye’s  Meeting of the Minds.

The Meeting of the Minds networking series was created to unite our community’s business, political and thought leaders, unsung creatives and budding intellects for a series of events to network and discuss the on-going challenges minorities face and, more importantly, discuss actionable strategies that we can apply in our ever day lives to effectively bring about change.

Meeting of the Minds is “Not Your Average Networking Event” and is not for everyone. It is an event uniquely designed for individuals who are leaders in their industry and for those looking to support and empower minority businesses. It is for entrepreneurs who seek to master the art of marketing and have a desire to learn how political and economic factors affect the prosperity of their business. It is for activists ready to create change in local and state laws that unfairly treat or discriminate against minorities and minority communities.  Meeting of the Minds is for those who are ready to make an impact on their business and on their community by becoming a part of the state’s most exclusive minority focused community think tank.

The first Meeting of the Minds event will be held on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm at WOW Productions Performing Arts Center. Also known as the P.A.C., the center is located at 5816 Shakespeare Rd, Suite A Columbia, SC 29223. This first community discussion is titled “Fatal Encounters” and will focus specifically on what citizens need to know during an encounter with law enforcement.  We will discuss the laws you need to know and the full extent of your rights as a citizen.

More details to come. Seating is extremely limited to so register today!


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Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey is the Chief Curator of Information at The MinorityEye a nationally recognized news blog that focuses on news, events and issues relevant minority communities. He is also an Integrated Marketing Communication Specialist at TME Media Group. His firm provides consulting and training services to non-traditional entrepreneurs as well as corporate, state and local agencies on how to develop integrated marketing strategies that connect with minority consumers.

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