25 Black Media Organizations and Publications that are Carrying On the Legacy of the Black Press

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#1 – EURWeb

Domain CreatedApr 13, 1999 (21 Years, 4 Months)
Owner: Rabercom Enterprises
Email: raberbailey@eurweb.com

Since its online launch in 1997, the EUR/Electronic Urban Report has become the Internet’s foremost information source for urban entertainment, sports, politics and opinion.

#2 – The Source

Domain CreatedNov 15, 1993 (26 Years, 9 Months)
Owner: The North Star Group
Email: editorial@thesource.com

Since 1988, the Source has been the leading international voice for the ever-evolving world of Hip-Hop music, culture and politics.

#3 – Black Enterprise

Domain CreatedNov 17, 1995 (24 Years, 9 Months)
Owner: Earl G. Graves Publishing Company, Inc.
Email: beeditors@blackenterprise.com

Black Enterprise is the premier business, investing, and wealth-building resource for African Americans. Since 1970, they have provided essential business information and advice to professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers.

#4 – Essence

Domain CreatedMar 27, 1996 (24 Years, 4 Months)
Owner: Essence Ventures LLC
Email: latraviette@ngmventures.com

Founded in 1970, Essence is an international, omni-channel destination for diverse storytelling and original content comprising beauty, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and culture.

#5 – Bossip

Domain CreatedMar 30, 2006 (14 Years, 4 Months)
Owner: Interactive One, LLC.
Email: tips@bossip.com

Bossip.com is the premier destination for African American popular culture and entertainment, with a voice that’s edgy, viciously hilarious, politically aware–and completely unique.

#6 – Worldstar Hip Hop

Domain CreatedDec 18, 2011 (8 Years, 8 Months)
Owner: Worldstar LLC.
Email: instagram@worldstarhiphop.com

WorldStarHipHop.com was formed in 2005 and has undergone tremendous growth since it’s initial launch. WorldStarHipHop.com is the premiere online hip hop destination. Artists and brands alike have utilized the platform that WorldStarHipHop.com to debut their music videos, singles, apparel, and products given the sites traffic and loyal audience.

#7 – The MinorityEye

Domain CreatedJun 10, 2004 (17 Years, 4 Months)
Owner: TME Media Group, LLC.
Email: info@theminorityeye.com

Our Lives, Through Our Eyes. Black and Latino perspectives on the latest news, pop culture, events, and political issues concerning minority communities in South Carolina and beyond.

#8 – SOHH

Domain CreatedJan 30, 1997 (23 Years, 6 Months)
Owner: 4CONTROL Media, Inc
Email: social@sohh.com

For the best in Hip-Hop News, there is SOHH (Support Online Hip Hop). Voted one of the best Hip Hop sites by Rolling Stone in 2001.

#9 – Black America Web

Domain CreatedMay 07, 1999 (21 Years, 3 Months)
Owner: REACH Media
Email: sales@blackamericaweb.com

REACH Media was formed in January 2003 to develop, acquire, and partner in quality media and marketing opportunities targeting the African American community and lifestyles. Tom Joyner, radio’s preeminent African-American entertainer REACH Media’s founder, chairperson, and majority owner.

#10 – Lipstick Alley

AALBC Score: 6.85
Domain CreatedSep 30, 2000 (19 Years, 10 Months)
SEMrush Rank7,819
Alexa Rank: 8,205
Bing (indexed pages): 105,000

Lipstick Alley members are predominantly African American females, but all races and genders are welcome to join.

#11 – Rolling Out

Domain CreatedOct 19, 1998 (21 Years, 10 Months)
Owner: Steed Media Group
Email: info@rollingout.com

RollingOut.com is the top resource for Breaking Black News, Celebrity Videos, Entertainment, Business, and more.

#12 – Africanews

Domain CreatedFeb 11, 1996 (24 Years, 6 Months)
Owner: Michael Peters
Email: digital@africanews.com

In response to the question “Why Africanews?” Michael Peters answered: “Africa is a land of opportunities. It is a continent which is rising. But why can’t we hear what the Africans have to say, not only on African affairs but on world affairs too? The demand for unbiased News is unmet. There is a gap to fill. This is why we are launching Africanews to pioneer independent News from the African perspective. A new adventure starts for a fully-fledged Pan-African network whose unique mission is empowering people through independent and reliable news.”

#13 – Ebony

Domain CreatedApr 29, 1998 (22 Years, 3 Months)
Owner: Clear View Group
Email: social@ebony.2com

EBONY is the No. 1 source for an authoritative perspective on the multidimensional African-American community. The EBONY brand, including print, digital and social reaches over 30 million readers monthly. EBONY media reflects the cross-section of Black America as delivered by the best thinkers, trendsetters, activists, celebrities, and next-generation leaders.

#14 – The Grio

Domain CreatedMar 31, 2009 (11 Years, 4 Months)
Owner: Entertainment Studios
Email: info@thegrio.com

TheGrio.com is a video news community devoted to providing stories and issues that affect and reflect black America but may be underrepresented in traditional national news outlets.

#15 – All Hip Hop

Domain CreatedApr 04, 1999 (21 Years, 4 Months)
Owner: AHH Holdings LLC
Email: nolanstrong1@gmail.com

AllHipHop.com was founded and launched in 1998 by CEO’s Grouchy Greg Watkins and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur. AllHipHop.com is a valuable resource for hip-hop on the internet, featuring daily news, interviews, reviews, multimedia, a fast-growing community, and other interesting content.

#16 – HelloBeautiful

Domain CreatedJun 16, 1999 (21 Years, 2 Months)
Owner: Interactive One, LLC.
Email: advertising@interactiveone.com

HelloBeautiful.com is where Black women go to talk about themselves shamelessly. We share, confess, indulge, encourage, and celebrate each other while indulging our guilty pleasures.

#17 – NewsOne

Domain CreatedMay 27, 2010 (10 Years, 2 Months)
Owner: Interactive One, LLC.
Email: advertising@interactiveone.com

NewsOne.com is your destination for news and information for and about Blacks in America. Filled with original stories, diverse opinions, photos, videos and polls, let NewsOne be your daily stop and make your voices heard!

#18 – AALBC.com

Domain CreatedMar 02, 1998 (22 Years, 5 Months)
Owner: AALBC.com, LLC
Email: troy@aalbc.com

AALBC.com oldest, largest, and most frequently visited website dedicated to books written by or about people of African descent. AALBC.com’s

#19 – Young, Black and Fabulous

Domain CreatedNov 11, 2007 (12 Years, 9 Months)
Owner: Young, Black and Fabulous, LLC
Email: tips@theybf.com

Delivering breaking news, exclusive stories, the fab, the foolywang and instant celebrity news.

#20 – Madame Noire

Domain CreatedMar 10, 2010 (10 Years, 5 Months)
Owner: Interactive One, LLC.
Email: advertising@interactiveone.com

In the heart of a woman, you’ll find two things: love, and more love. Even when that woman’s having a bad hair day or struggling with her 1980’s wardrobe, she is filled with love. This woman is you, your sister, your mother, your role model, your wife, your friend, your girlfriend, your cousin, your First Lady…: we listen to her thoughts and collect them here. And, we fondly call her “MadameNoire.”

#21 – Atlanta Black Star

Domain CreatedFeb 02, 2012 (8 Years, 6 Months)
Owner: Diamond Diaspora Media
Email: info@atlantablackstar.com

“Empowering narratives to change our world – News, Politics, Entertainment, Culture, and more from a Black perspective.”

#22 – MTO News

Domain CreatedJun 27, 2014 (6 Years, 1 Months)
Email: info@mediatakeout.com

MTONews.com launched in 2006 and quickly became the top online destination for African American news. The site covers celebrity, entertainment and general interest news, with a focus on African American culture.

#23 – JET Magazine

Domain CreatedJul 05, 1996 (24 Years, 1 Months)
Owner: Clear View Group

We’re hip, engaging, fresh, saucy, informative…and naturally, opinionated. At JET we proudly establish ourselves as the coolest point of entry for a young, determined audience who won’t be put in a box.

#24 – Blavity

Domain CreatedDec 19, 2013 (6 Years, 8 Months)
Owner: Blavity
Email: team@blavity.com

“Blavity is a community of the most exceptional multi-cultural creators and influencers in the world. We partner with diverse content creators and influencers to help them reach a wider audience, amplify their message, and fund their hustles. We believe that the world shifts according to the way people see it. If you change the way people view the world, you can transform it.”

#25 – BlackNews.com

Domain CreatedAug 30, 1998 (21 Years, 11 Months)
Owner: Diversity City Media
Email: support@diversitycity.com

BlackNews.com is a non-partisan online destination for African American news, commentary, and celebrity photos. Since the year 2000, the site has been a valuable resource to the African American community.

Michael Bailey, a trailblazer in the field of photojournalism and a profound political writer, possesses the exceptional ability to distill complex political issues into accessible narratives that resonate with readers of all backgrounds. As the vanguard of the editorial team, Michael not only serves as a new media correspondent but also showcases his distinct talent as a photojournalist. His portfolio is a testament to his expertise in crafting news stories and intimate profiles that vividly portray the cultural, social, economic, and political journeys of minorities, both in South Carolina and beyond. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning media, business, and politics, Michael has emerged as a highly regarded voice and a sought-after commentator, offering invaluable insights into the challenges faced by people of color.

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