The truth of our democracy lies in knowing the hearts of those who run for office

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Did you know there are two major lies dominating certain corners of America?

One is that Trump won the election.

The other is that understanding Critical Race Theory or being woke means that you are against democracy.

What is Critical Race Theory? Critical Race Theory is a theory that looks at an issue through the lens of race. For example, if you were looking at history, particularly enslavement, Critical Race Theory would say that we had a story prior to coming to America. We had a religion, a way of life, an education system, marriage, and family values. The history we are taught says, that we were shiftless, dumb, and lazy, and that enslavement was good for us! If we look at education, we were told that we had no education and that we can’t learn. Yet we know, through Critical Race Theory, our story includes Sankore University in Timbuktu of modern-day Mali. We had hieroglyphics in ancient Kemet/Egypt as noted on the walls of the pyramids and temples. In essence, Critical Race Theory is a filter that takes a subject matter and filters it through to see what the reality is as seen from Africans born in the USA or throughout the African Diaspora. 

However, what we find when we filter history, education, culture, etc., is that what we were taught was not the truth. It was the truth as the Europeans saw it and still see it today. That is why it is important for us to exercise our right to vote; so we can ensure we elect those who understand what is true.

The Republicans claim it is unamerican to teach the truth. They are wrong. To teach what is true is what America stands for. That is the definition of democracy! Republicans want the “good ole days” to return. To go back to a time when no one really questioned their enslavement of Black people. When they were able to keep Black folks in “their place” through Jim Crow, lynching, and any other means without being held accountable. 

Our ancestors fought and died to change these processes through seeking the right to vote. Unless we VOTE, we are letting our ancestors down and telling them they died in vain. Even though we focus on the National and State levels, do you know that the laws that impact us the most occur on the local level by choosing your Mayor, City, and County Council members as well as our State Representatives and State Senators. We must be “WOKE” when it comes to who is running for these offices, for it is these officeholders across this country that are changing the voting laws, making it harder to vote, almost to the point where your votes are being nullified or not allowed. Therefore, now is the time for all of us that want to continue to grow DEMOCRACY in this country, to make sure your voting address is correct, if you move, you change it, and you know where you vote. LET’S BE WOKE!

Dr. George Johnson is a Professor and Academic Coordinator of the Special Education Program at South Carolina State University. For more than two decades, Dr. Johnson’s scholarship, teaching, and service has focused on equity pedagogies, teaching for social justice, and critical race theory in education with an emphasis on culturally and linguistically diverse students. He has taught and presented nationally and internationally on special education, diversity, and disproportionality, community, and equity issues. Dr. Johnson has numerous publications and received $350,000. in grants and has presented his work in Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, England, Botswana, South Africa, and Sierra Leone. Dr. Johnson was also a visiting scholar at the University of Uyo, in Uyo, Nigeria.

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