Things Women Do that Make Men Cheat

1) Getting into a relationship and not defining your role

Too many times women go out with men on several dates and then sleep with him and not truly know where they stand. She assumes that since you’ve been intimate that they are now a couple. However, he may be thinking that it’s simply two adults taking care of one another’s needs.

2) Disrespecting yourself

Men treat you the way you demand to be treated. You set the tone and he as well as other people in society follow your lead. How many of you have worked in a job where the boss yelled and screamed at certain people but avoided that tone with others in the same office? He didn’t scream at those people because they were bad at their job, he did it because they allowed it. The people that he didn’t scream at, it was because they wouldn’t allow it!

3) Listening to your Heart and no one else

When another female tells you that the guy is a known player (dog) it could be a ploy to keep you from being with him. However, when several women tell you the same thing, it’s fact! He has cheated on women before you and more than likely he’ll cheat on you too. Why fool yourself into thinking that he’ll change just for you?


4) Telling your damn business

It’s always said that men tell each other their personal business. No, let’s be real, women do it as well and many of you have had your man sleep with your so-called girlfriend because of it. Let’s face it, not every man can actually perform sexual marathons. So if you have one of these men it may be wise to keep it to yourself. Especially when some of the girls you call friend is with someone who may last 3-5 minutes on a good day.

5) Not making him appreciate everything he has (you)

Anything given without effort will surely not be appreciated and this means you! So, think about that when you’ve been with a guy for a couple of weeks, a month and you have that itch to take the next step when you know he hasn’t earned that right.

6) Using sex to get what you want from him

Some women although they profess their love for a man have this habit of holding back on the intimate side of the relationship until it fits their needs. There is nothing worse for a man to care about a woman and when you want to make love to them they give you all these excuses. I am not saying these excuses aren’t valid, I am just saying! However, whenever they want something, the sex instantly becomes available. Oh, I saw some shoes at the mall I would love to have. Or, I am short on my rent or phone bill.

Most men have no problem with assisting the women they care for with finances. However, when sex is based on our bank balances a problem arises. I think some women do this and probably don’t even realize it. Hey, but men realize it, you can bet that!

You can also bet that he’s thought about it and is already making plans to replace your ass with someone a little more compassionate and a lot less expensive. However, most guys believe that you shouldn’t leave a woman until you have a replacement for her. So, yep! He’ll be cheating on you for a little while, so get prepared.

7) Refusing to acknowledge the obvious

His words don’t match his actions anymore. Things in the relationship have changed while you weren’t looking and you cannot understand why. He goes out and doesn’t call or even ask if you’d like to go with him. He guards his phone with his life and he gets text messages on the regular.

You haven’t been out together in months and you haven’t seen his parents or family members since you first started dating. You don’t talk anymore and he always seems distracted and when his phone rings he looks shocked (because you’re there) and then make a reason to go out.

Well, he may not have cheated yet but more than likely it’s inevitable. You can stick around if you want to and go through the final phases before your heart is ripped apart. Or you can acknowledge whats going on and confront him. This way you can try to repair the relationship or end it and spare yourself the pain of what is coming.

8) Not paying attention to his friends

We’ve all heard this, “Birds of a Feather”, right? If he’s your man and he has friends that are known dogs, you may have a problem. Especially if he spends a great deal of time with them. He may resist for a while but if you drip water on a rock for a great deal of time, eventually the rock will crumble. Don’t tell him he cannot spend time with them, however, it may be wise to attempt to limit the amount of time if possible. Particularly if he spends time with them and doesn’t invite you.

9) Failing to take care of his sexual needs

It’s frustrating to be with a woman whose sexual drive doesn’t match my own. That “I have a headache” B.S. only goes so far with men and then masturbating becomes ineffective after a while. Sometimes it simply wasn’t meant to be and this is a sure-fire way to be cheated on. He may love you for who you are however his needs are greater than yours and it’s inevitable that eventually, he’ll find release elsewhere. It amazes me that women fall into this situation. When you first begin making love it’s constant and once real love is established it’s gone. What, you guys think we only wanted to make love that much because the relationship was new?


10) Being too modest during sex

Hey, I draw the line at anything that causes pain. However, there are things that men like to do and if you will not do it, there’s a shit load of women who will. I’ve known women who didn’t like oral, giving or receiving. I liked them but not enough to spend my whole life with so I moved on. Also, sex is too much fun to be serious! Look at the faces we make during the act. It’s enough to make you want to laugh. So if he wants you to dress up like a school girl or get butt naked with nothing on but a pair of red socks, do it, he’ll be happier and so will you. It’ll also make him stay home and out of trouble.

11) Having a male or female friend that makes your man uncomfortable

We all have friends prior to starting a new relationship do we all agree on this? However, when you have a male or female close friend that makes your mate uncomfortable it could cause him to stray. How so, I am sure you’re thinking? Well, sometimes you may have a male friend that you have been friends with for years. Hell, he could even be an ex-boyfriend for all your new man knows. When asked about it, if you don’t properly describe the nature of that friendship it will lead to more questions than answers that you have. If done incorrectly your new man will never accept your response regardless of how truthful you may have been. For whatever reason, most men are intimidated by the thought that their woman has a male best friend. There is simply not enough room for two men in your life. That’s the way men think, also I am sure that if your male friend has a girlfriend, she’s thinking the exact same way as your boyfriend.

12) Gossiping

It’s unfair to say that all women gossip because we all know that men gossip just as much and this phenomenon has nothing to do with gender. Unfortunately for you, if you gossip, the signal you’re sending to your man is that your relationship with him is boring. If you’re so engrossed in other folks’ business you’re really not paying much attention to or tending to your own.

Chances are your man will become bored and frustrated with your meddling in other people’s affairs and the drama that comes with it. Not to mention that eventually, some gossip will return about you placing an unfavorable light on you. This gossip may be true or not, but at this point to your man, it probably doesn’t matter after a while. Another thing that happens is that some of the females that you like to gossip about so much will eventually and unfairly target your man in an attempt to get back at you. He may fall for this tactic, and he may not but it will not matter because it’ll come back as he did just to spite you for gossiping too much.

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