Tim Scott Is Reportedly Eyeing A Run For President

A recent report suggests the only Black Republican Senator could be making a power move ahead of the 2024 presidential season after meeting with major Republican donors.

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Rumored to be the new Republican dark horse, Sen. Tim Scott could be making a play for the party’s top slot in 2024. According to Politico, GOP mega-donors could be eye-ing Scott as a potential investment.

With 2022 midterms around the corner, there’s no guarantee Scott is even considering a presidential run. But the junior Senator from South Carolina is lining up donors that could signal a power play in the future.

As much as southern Republicans like to fearmonger about out-of-state liberal money, they have no problem chasing out-of-state donors of their own. Scott reportedly met with Larry Ellison in Hawaii.

The billionaire co-founder of Oracle, Ellison, has donated millions to a Super PAC supporting Scott’s interest. Another billionaire donor, Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn, donated $1 million to the Scott Super PAC.

While Super PACs cannot coordinate directly with candidates, they can spend funds during the election cycle. Politico noted that Scott’s campaign committee raised more than any Senate incumbent up for re-election in 2022 in both parties.

Positioning Scott as a potential contender could also be the party hedging its bets. After all, a party focused on a racist culture war needs some diversity to balance things out.

And Scott has already become the poster boy for the “no Republicans aren’t racist campaign.” Earlier this year, Scott gave the rebuttal to President Joe Biden‘s first joint address to Congress.

Who better to counter Biden calling out America’s racism than a Black man from South Carolina. It’s the state thought to have handed Biden the Democratic nomination.

Back in April, NewsOne reported on Scott’s attempted kumbaya moment. Responding to the president, Scott used his personal experience to distract viewers from the bigger picture.

He didn’t actually deal with the issues still facing the country today.

Whether coordinated efforts to restrict voting access or deny teaching about America’s racism, Republicans obstruct progress in the present day.

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