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Tragedy Inspires Innovation: When Things Look Dim, Press Into Him

By: Michael Bailey –

Tyra Mitchell has had more than her share of tragedy.  But rather than focus on life’s heartaches she turned her trials into triumph and created Beauty for Ashes Christian Development Group and her signature product, the Jesus Button.

The “Jesus Button” is a red, triangular button. The three sides represent the trinity and the color represents the blood of Christ.  A press of the button delivers one of 14 pre-loaded scripture based messages. Additional messages can be added via USB port.

When asked, “why a Jesus button?,” Tyra will tell you that her life’s journey has taught her the importance of carrying God’s word close.

Jesus Button – “When Things Look Dim, Press Into Him”

Shortly before her 13th birthday, Tyra’s father was killed by a drunk-driver in a hit and run and, although, she was still relatively young at the time, that experience showed her first-hand the strength that can be found in leaning on the Lord.

Later in life she would pursue a career in the military and find herself, yet again, seeking God’s word for strength as she sought the courage to escape an abusive relationship.

“I had been in that marriage for years, I knew it wasn’t healthy but I was fearful on so many levels. It really wasn’t until it became clear that this man was going to kill me that I found enough strength to leave for good and look to God to lead my next steps.”

Those next steps would lead her and her three boys home to Columbia, SC where she completed her legal studies degree at South University.  Having settled back in the Midlands, with a focus on moving forward, Tyra appreciated more than ever the power in staying faithful and obedient to God’s word.  She began to have an overwhelming urge to empower others with the strength of the word and felt the tug of entrepreneurship but was unsure of how to move forward.  So, she remained focused on the goals before her and continued her own personal journey of growth.

A press of the button delivers one of 14 pre-loaded scripture based messages. Additional messages can be added via USB port.

Unfortunately, that journey would find her facing tragedy once more. Within a four month time frame Tyra lost two of her three sons. One was lost to the prison system and the other lost his life at the hands of law enforcement.

To say that this series of events left her heartbroken is an understatement. Many people would have crumbled under the weight of despair. Tyra, however, remained unwavering in her faith and found solace in the promise of God’s word. It was through her tears and her prayers that she found the clarity to found “Beauty for Ashes Christian Development Group” and create the Jesus Button.

For more information about the Jesus Button, download digital brochure.

Isaiah 61: 3 says “To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory.” NLT

“I held on to that truth to get me through my darkest days,” explains Tyra. “While seeking God for a business name He made it clear that the company would be named Beauty For Ashes and I immediately searched scripture for the name. I continued to study it and seek guidance I realized that what the world really needed was a way to make the word easy and accessible to anyone who needed a quick bit of encouragement. That is how the Jesus Button came to be.”

To order the Jesus Button visit or call 803-767-3046. Email at [email protected]

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