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Trump isn’t the Problem; the Republican Base is

Trump fans hate “political correctness”

The concept of political correctness reminds me of the concept of “tolerance”.  I’m not a big fan of changing or moderating something based on maintaining a superficial look of niceness, when in reality there’s racism or sexism underlying there.  Political correctness is like the type of medicine that subdues the symptoms of an illness while never really curing the illness at hand.  Racism, sexism, and all other forms of social bigotries isn’t cured or fixed.  It’s only hiding.  Political correctness is like an extravagant make-up job on the ugly.  Trump, is the ugly chick.  Without the makeup on.  Too many people are taking her home.


Don’t worry about Trump, worry about his supporters

It’s not Trump who is attacking people, sometimes trying to kill anyone looking Hispanic or Muslim in public or at his rallies.  It is his supporters; these are the people we really need to worry about. Because if Trump falls out of the Presidential race you better believe those people still exist in our nation.  Don’t get me wrong, there would be a lot of worry if Trump became President.  However, if he fails, remember those racist, bigoted, and otherwise stupid people who supported him are only going to wait for another Trump. 

Fox News (conservative media) created Trump

If Fox News existed in 1961, we would still have Jim Crow in effect today.  The biggest reason why Trump exists as is, is conservative media. Fox News would seek to justify anything as long as it caters towards white racial animus and racial fears of others.

Source: Trump isn’t the Problem; the Republican Base is – AfroSapiophile

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