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Two Columbia Multimedia Firms Collaborate to Create a New Mobile Interactive Media Network

By: AJ Clyburn – 

FreeThinkers Radio, an innovative multimedia leader in Podcasting and Live Streaming, has teamed up with The MinorityEye, South Carolina’s largest minority-focused media outlet, to create a new, mobile interactive media network, built to serve a rapidly growing viewership and subscriber base, called KnowStatic

This collaboration will give the new network a combined audience of over 600,000 subscribers and followers and an estimated monthly reach of 850,000.

The new network will be powered by Freethinkers Radio and will create high-quality digital content such as mini-documentaries, short films, entertainment segments, podcasts, investigative news stories, personal profiles, business profiles, community profiles, talk news, political commentary, virtual town halls, sitcoms, web series, and talk show formatted live broadcasts. The content will be streamed simultaneously to multiple websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio and several others.

This method of delivery will give the new network the ability to communicate directly with a multi-generational audience that relies heavily on mobile devices to consume information and share that information with their peers through social media, instant messaging apps, text messaging, and email.

The network will provide a marketing and public relations platform for companies and organizations that are looking for a more affordable and effective alternative to the outdated and overpriced traditional media channels. KnowStatic offers these companies and organizations a trendy and innovative way to inform communities across the state about their products, services, or causes.

The network’s goal is to cut through the static of corporate controlled local TV and radio news networks and provide a platform to highlight those individuals and organizations that are doing great things throughout out South Carolina. The network will also offer a multi-generational perspective on some of the most challenging and complex issues we face today.

Three veteran content providers have already lined up to put their power behind the network. The Akintunde Show starring, Comedian Akintunde is expected to begin airing on the network in mid-January. Walking on Water Productions is expected to release some of their earlier productions on the network along with some new original family-friendly programming, which they will begin holding casting calls for as early as mid-January. Also joining the lineup will be, Dominion Studios out of Forest City, NC. They are expected to release Inspirational Programming in mid-spring of this year.

Daryn Murphy, of Freethinkers Radio & Visions Made Plain

“We want to provide our audience with commentary and perspectives from people they know, trust, and share social connections with,” Said Daryn Murphy.

Murphy went on to say, “we’re looking to start courageous conversations and to hear from new leaders with new solutions. We’re looking to engage in definitive dialogue that will inspire our audience to take action toward a positive change for self and community. We will provide them with the information and insight to make the move from protesting to running for public office, from being a consumer to becoming a business owner, and from silently watching the news to becoming a valuable voice that adds a localized viewpoint on issues that impact their daily lives.”

“We will rely heavily on a peer-to-peer sharing strategy as the network will seek out and create partnerships with social media influencers everywhere. The individuals that our audience will see in front of the camera or whose voices they will hear on our productions will be their peers and members of their own social circles. As the marketing idiom goes, you buy from people you know, like, and trust.

We’re betting the same rationale holds true with news, when it comes to who you believe,” concluded Murphy

Recent studies on the power of social media influencers indicate that the most active social media users value the opinions and positions of their peers and individuals with whom they share social connections far more than they value the opinions of corporate media personalities. This type of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is highly popular with individuals who are avid social media users.

David Pendergrass, of Freethinkers Radio

“We are essentially redefining the digital strategy for broadcasting local news and entertainment. Our research shows us that there are large diverse segments of citizens within communities across the world who no longer trust corporate media outlets and who are unsatisfied with the diversity of thought provide by those networks.”
said Pendergrass.

“Innovations in mobile technology and the widespread use of social media platforms have democratized mass media and given the average citizen a voice. We’re just giving them a powerful new platform to magnify it,” continued Pendergrass.
“We want our audience to feel free to think freely. We’ve learned enough to know that you need the input of a large diverse group of people to really make great things happen in our communities. The creation of this network tells me great things are coming.”Pendergrass added.

Michael Bailey, of The MinorityEye

“We are tired of seeing so-called experts who don’t look like us or live in our communities talking about what’s best for our communities.  And we’re tired of seeing leaders who are several decades removed from our generation who claim to know what our issues are but don’t have the decency to invite our generation’s leaders to the table,” stated Bailey.

Bailey also went on to say, “we are fed up with the tokenism of having one or two women or minority faces in front of the camera to give the appearance of gender and racial equality. Then they promote these individuals to our community as some type of celebrity or symbol of progress. Meanwhile, these individuals have no real power to say what they want, report on what they want, or even give their personal opinions on matters that affect their communities dearly.”

“KnowStatic is a media network made for our times by the technology that will define the next decade of our lives, we’re just getting ahead start on implementing the strategy.”

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AJ Clyburn

USC Basketball fanatic, independent journalist, and lover of progressive politics and democratic values.

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