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UofSC Center for Civil Rights History and Research Receives National Park Service Grant to Develop Civil Rights Digital Exhibit

The National Park Service has awarded the Center for Civil Rights History and Research at the University of South Carolina $37,000 to develop a digital exhibit chronicling the critical role of South Carolina in the Civil Rights Movement.

This digital exhibit builds on the work of the Civil Rights Center’s Justice for All, developed as a physical exhibit in collaboration with University of South Carolina Libraries on display from February – August, 2019.  Over 4,000 people visited Justice for All, and the digital exhibit will allow thousands more to connect with civil rights history in South Carolina.  It will be available independently to anyone wishing to visit the website, but it will also accompany a traveling exhibit, supported by South Carolina Humanities, slated to begin traveling in the fall of 2020. 

The digital Justice for All will span a time period from Reconstruction to 1970, featuring photographs, documents, and audiovisual material taken from over 30 collections held at the University of South Carolina Libraries.  It will highlight key figures and moments in civil rights history, focusing on themes of voting rights, economic rights, desegregation, and backlash to the Civil Rights Movement.  By interpreting events like the desegregation and resegregation of the University of South Carolina in the 1870s, the 1951 Briggs v. Elliott school desegregation case, the 1968 Orangeburg Massacre, and the 1969 Charleston Hospital Workers strike, Justice for All will demonstrate the ways in which South Carolinians played a crucial role in the national Civil Rights Movement.

Justice for All materials range from manuscript correspondence from Coretta Scott King and Jackie Robinson, to date books chronicling the Freedom Rides, to publications from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Audio recordings, including interviews with civil rights activists, and footage from the Moving Image Research Collection of demonstrations and press conferences will allow visitors to see and hear firsthand the struggles of those who pushed for equal rights and the efforts of those who worked to curtail them,” said Dr. Bobby Donaldson, Director of the Center for Civil Rights History and Research.

Justice for All is supported through a grant from the African American Civil Rights History Grants program as administered by the National Park Service, Department of Interior.  The Civil Rights Center previously received a National Park Service grant in 2017 to support a teacher training institute on Civil Rights history. 

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