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Watch ‘Long Live the Pimp,’ a Documentary on the Life and Legacy of Pimp C

Few artists were as authentic as Pimp C. Born Chad Butler, the rapper and producer earned his stripes with an unfiltered approach to music that, alongside Bun B as UGK, transformed the Port Arthur representative into an underground king. It’s why, eight years after his untimely death, he is still viewed as one of the most influential figures in rap. As the timeless saying goes, trill recognize trill.

Complex and Mass Appeal present Long Live the Pimp, a documentary that further explores the life of Pimp C, from his humble beginnings in Port Arthur to becoming a star for keeping it real on wax. “I understood that he was destined for something great,” Bun B says of his former UGK counterpart. “I was just like, you know what, I know I’m alright with this music shit, he real good with this music shit, I’ma hold my nigga down and see how far we can get.”

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