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Why every Black voter needs to read ‘The Power We Possess

A radical roadmap to increased Black political power and influence in the United States.

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“The Power We Possess” by Dr. Johnnie Cordero isn’t just a book; it’s a potent revelation and a roadmap for Black voters like me. Fed up with the Democratic Party taking Black voters for granted and the neglect and indifference shown to us by the Republican Party, it’s well past time to do something different.

Cordero’s insights and approach laid out in the book read like a syllabus for a graduate-level course entitled “Black Empowerment 101.” Cordero truly understands the inner workings of the American “political cartels” and how they have coerced Black Americans into a five-decade-long political position of irrelevance, stripping us of our true electoral power. He doesn’t just scratch the surface; he digs deep into the historical roots and contemporary challenges that we, as Black voters, face. It’s not just about politics; it’s about understanding the power we hold and how we can leverage it for positive change.

This is an amazing book, a must read for anyone wanting to know of the power they possess, especially as a collective body. This book has not only opened my eyes to things that I didn’t know but it also. Solidified many of the thoughts I had regarding. my vote and how knowledge of yourself and people can give you a greater level of respect and understanding. This is a must read, and one for the book collection.

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The opening chapter, “This is War,” sets the tone for the entire book. Cordero urges us to recognize the political power we possess and emphasizes the need to wield it for the betterment of our communities. As a Black voter, this resonated with me on a profound level. It’s not just about casting a vote; it’s about realizing the impact that our collective voice can have on shaping policies and creating change.

The chapter on “Political Partisanship” hit close to home. In a political landscape where party affiliations often overshadow individual interests, Cordero encourages us to break free from these constraints. He dives into the historical ties between Black voters and political parties, challenging us to be politically mature and vote based on our interests rather than blind allegiance. This, for me, was a wake-up call—a call to reclaim our agency and not be taken for granted by any political party.

The concept of “Critical Mass” struck me as particularly empowering. Cordero explains that it’s not just about numbers; it’s about enlightenment. It’s about realizing our collective power and the potential for radical change when we come together. As a Black voter, understanding the significance of Critical Mass became a pivotal moment in my reading journey. It’s not just a theoretical concept; it’s a call to action to become agents of change.

In the section on “Plantation Politics,” Cordero draws a parallel between historical strategies used on plantations to control enslaved individuals and modern-day political tactics. Reading about how these tactics persist in voter suppression was eye-opening. It’s a stark reminder that the struggle for true representation is ongoing. Cordero doesn’t just highlight the problem; he encourages us to break free from these chains and form alliances to bring about positive change.

Reading “The Power We Possess” was more than an intellectual exercise; it was a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Cordero’s writing style is not just informative; it’s engaging and relatable. It’s like studying a “How-to Guide” on Black Political Empowerment and receiving a step-by-step outline on creating better economic opportunities for our communities and gaining political influence on both local and national levels.

In conclusion, “The Power We Possess” is a guide that every Black voter should read. It’s a call to action, an empowering exploration of our political influence, and a reminder that our voices matter. As I closed the book, I felt not just informed but inspired to be an active participant in shaping the political landscape for the better. It’s a must-read for every Black voter seeking to understand, embrace, and unleash the power they possess.

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