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Is the World Ready for ‘Preachers of Detroit’ Pastor David Bullock?

By: Cherese Jackson –

The first episode of the Preachers of Detroit was on fire as Pastor David Alexander Bullock challenged his cast members on the effectiveness of their ministries. Bullock is not only the pastor of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church but a well-known activist who is serious about bringing change to the city of Detroit. He believes that true ministry takes place outside of the walls of the church and into the streets where the people are. Is the world ready for Pastor David Bullock?

At 37-years-old, Bullock is the youngest cast member and as such many felt his approach was much too confrontational and disrespectful to his “elders” who are highly respected in the Christian community. Those who are acquainted with him were not surprised because he is known to be militant when it comes to justice and is respected as a viable change agent of Detroit. When asked about the confrontational moments which were sure to spark drama Bullock responded by saying:

The show began on Friday night with Bullock, his brother and friend sitting in a cigar lounge discussing relationships. This set the tone for many dogmatic Christians who could not get past the cigar to hear the wisdom that escaped his lips. Social media lit up with comments about the foolishness of a pastor who would preach the gospel and advocate for the city and still end up in hell because he smokes cigars. This pastor is not moved by those who sit on the sidelines and talk. Instead, it serves as a constant reminder of a verse in the Bible where the Pharisees were heard criticizing Jesus because he did not act as they thought he should.

Bullock is adamant about helping the city regardless of his critics. His city, which at one time was a bright star in the nation, has gone through some tough times. Detroit has made history as the first city to ever declare bankruptcy. The community is poverty-stricken and filled with hurting and depressed people; for this pastor their needs far outweighs any of the cries of his critics.

Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church is located in a very poor community, as opposed to the majority of Bullock’s cast members. This young pastor believes his message is relevant and necessary for the people he desires to empower. For many years Bullock has led countless protests against injustice as he walked the streets with a bullhorn in one hand and a Bible in the other. Bullock is an outspoken and action driven leader who believes the work of a pastor should exceed the pulpit and what takes place during a Sunday service. When speaking of his calling Bullock said:

“My ministry is both in the sanctuary and in the streets. I am in the pulpit and on the pavement of Highland Park and Detroit seeking change and demanding justice for my people.”

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