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‘Bey’ the Brand: Flawless Social Media Lessons (Coming Soon)

  • What all entrepreneurs need to realize is that all the things they do to promote their services or products and all the marketing materials that they produce should tell potential customers the story of your brand or convey a story that shows how your products or services will impact their customers' lives.

Eye of A Mogul: What Every Business Owner Can Learn from Jay Z

  • Eye of A Mogul is a do-it-yourself marketing series that teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs of all types how to employ what’s called the “Mogul Marketing Strategy.” “We know everyone is not going to make Jay-Z’s money,” he says. “but with a little coaching, you can train yourself to think and act like a mogul thereby making you a mogul in your particular field or industry. Through this series of eBooks and workshops, Eye M.A.P.P.S. marketing specialist will have you viewing your business and brand through the “Eye of a Mogul.”