Able SC Expands COVID-19 and Flu Vaccine Education and Support

Nonprofit emphasizes the importance of vaccines and their impact on the disability community

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(Columbia, SC) — Able South Carolina (Able SC), a disability-led organization seeking transformational changes in systems, communities and individuals, is increasing COVID-19 and flu vaccine support and education through the SC Disability Vaccine Access Network.

In February 2022, Able SC announced the launch of the SC Disability Vaccine Access Network, a program created to educate individuals in the disability community about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine, provide help to overcome barriers to getting vaccinated, and help those who want to get vaccinated to get the shot.

“People with disabilities are at a higher risk of being hospitalized or dying from COVID-19 and the flu, and vaccines can protect our community,” says Kimberly Tissot, president and CEO of Able SC. “Whether it’s for yourself, your child, or your neighbor, getting vaccinated is the best way to protect those around you. We are committed to educating the community so individuals can make the best decision for their health.”

As COVID-19 and the flu continue to affect South Carolinians, Able SC is increasing its support and resources to combat the health crisis for people with disabilities — especially in underrepresented and multi-marginalized populations statewide. Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color, otherwise known as BIPOC populations, are proven to be at higher risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 and the flu. Disabled BIPOC populations therefore find themselves at the greatest risk.

“Although the pandemic began four years prior, the need for continuous education about the risks of COVID-19 and the flu for disabled and multi-marginalized populations remains critical to their health and vitality,” says Mandy Halloran, director of public health and disability integration at Able SC. “Guaranteeing equitable vaccine access is the responsibility of vaccine providers. By partnering with Able SC, providers are educated about their legal obligations and are offered detailed instruction as to how to ensure accessible healthcare for all.”

Able SC, along with numerous partners through the SC Disability Vaccine Access Network, is promoting fact-based evidence, educational tools, vaccine opportunities and more on its revamped webpage at

In addition to Able SC’s education and advocacy work for vaccine accessibility, the nonprofit promotes three simple steps for a healthier South Carolina:

  1.  Get COVID-19 and flu vaccines each year.
  2. Get tested for COVID-19 and the flu when feeling sick.
  3. Stay home when sick.

For more information about Able SC and the SC Disability Vaccine Access Network, visit

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