Democratic Black Caucus of SC Launches Black Voter Accountability Campaign to Harness Black Voting Power

Keeping the Democratic Party Accountable to Black Voters

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(Columbia, SC) – The Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina is introducing its Black Voter Accountability Campaign. The Black Voter Accountability Campaign is a multi-initiative effort designed to empower and educate black voters on how to effectively utilize their voting power and have their voices heard beyond the presidential election cycle. Initiatives under the campaign will focus on topics like how to engage your representatives, the power of local elections, getting a seat at the table, and more.

The first major initiative under the Black Voter Accountability Campaign will be the Black Voter Education Project. The project will offer a curated selection of reading and a monthly online broadcast called Virtual Voter Conversations. The Virtual Voter Conversations will be hosted by the chairman of the Democratic Black Caucus of South Carolina to help reiterate to Black voters how impactful their vote is, especially as it relates to the Democratic Party. 

A prime example of black voters’ impact on the Democratic Party can be seen with the success of President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign. His journey towards victory started with Black Voters who resurrected his dying campaign during the Democratic Presidential Primary in South Carolina. Biden, in turn, rode that momentum to a decisive win in our recent Presidential election and he assured black voters that he would not forget them. His selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate, along with a slew of announcements and speculations about other Black Americans serving in his administration, shows that Biden continues to hold Black voices in high esteem. However, the real measure of his commitment to Black Voters will come with his policy decisions.

Furthermore, Democratic leadership in the White House, Congress, and at the state level, should step forward with a call to action to have the Democratic Party as an institution work with black leaders from across the country to develop a black agenda. The black agenda would be a starting platform to offer solutions to the real problems that black citizens face in this country daily such as racism, economic inequality, health disparities and an unequal justice system.

This is where the Black Voter Education Project will prove to be a true resource. The articles shared and the topics discussed during the Virtual Voter Conversations will give black voters information and tactics they can use to make sure that democratic leadership makes black voters a priority not just at election time but also once candidates have been elected and begin to govern.  

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