I Filed: SC first time candidates and elected officials need our support

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News about COVID-19 is dominating our attention these days but, despite that fact, or maybe even because of that fact, we must remember that political season is underway. This week a slew of incumbents and first time candidates submitted their names to run for local and regional offices. Unlike the Presidency and other Federal offices, these candidates are vying to be or maintain their seats as the policymakers who will impact our day to day lives on a local and personal level. 

Unfortunately, with restrictions in place for public gatherings and large scale events and volunteers hesitant to canvas and have face-to-face conversations with voters, this will be a particularly challenging campaign season. That is why it is critically important that we pay attention and support candidates who have the best interest of our communities in mind.

How can you support?  Share their ads and social media posts. Write and share your own posts supporting your candidate, volunteer to make phone calls from your home. Donate.  

Now is not the time to disengage from local politics. Now is the time to pay more attention than ever to who we have in local offices.

Send us Your “I Filed” Pictures

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Michael Bailey is the founder of The MinorityEye and serves as the Chief-Curator of Information. He leads the editorial staff and works as a multimedia journalist who specializes in producing news stories and personal profiles that highlight the cultural, social, economic, and political experiences of minorities living in South Carolina and beyond. His extensive media, business, and political background has made him a well-respected voice and an often sought-after commentator on issues impacting people of color.

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