Invitation to Bid: Smith Branch 03 Sewer Rehab (SS7363)

IPRSE requires that all subcontractors be able to adhere to and acquire insurance and obtain bonding per the Owner’s contract specifications.

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IPRSE, LLC – ITB DBE/Minority Sub Quotes

Columbia, SC – Smith Branch 03 Sewer Rehab (SS7363)

Bids – April 7th 2020

Quotes Returned – April 1st COB


  • Traffic Control- Flaggers, Lane Closure, Standard signs & cones, etc.
  • Gathering GIS Data for Newly Found Assets in Field (Section 01990)
  • Erosion Control
  • Test Pits
  • Abandonment of existing utilities
  • Install Asphalt and concrete pavement
  • Flowable Fill
  • Install new sanitary sewer pipe and laterals by open cut
  • Install Manhole Drop Connections
  • CIPP Spot Repairs
  • Point Repairs by excavation
  • Clean/CCTV-8”-12” Sanitary Sewer Line
  • Lateral Rehabilitation
  • Installation of lateral cleanouts
  • Remove and replace Manhole Frame & Cover
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Material – HDPE Pipe, PVC Pipe, Precast Manholes, etc.
  • Raise Manhole to Grade
  • Rental – Dumpsters, Protective PPE
  • Supplier- Asphalt, Concrete
  • Manhole Rehabilitation
    • Raven Lining Systems, Warren
    • Environmental, Sauereisen, AP/M PermaForm, WBE Dorcas Inc., Tnemec Company
    • Permashield FR system, PLS 614 PerpetuCoat Epoxy Mastic.

IPRSE requires that all subcontractors be able to adhere to and acquire insurance and obtain bonding per the Owner’s contract specifications.  The Company policy does not allow for providing lines of credit to subcontractors.

SPECS/INFORMATION – Sherrie Sommerville 832-948-4541

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