SC Small Businesses Speak: Why we must oppose the anti-tech legislation being debated in Congress

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Megan Pinckney Rutherford, Founder of Shades of Pinck.

Currently, in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, there are several pieces of tech legislation being discussed. Technological innovation has propelled small businesses, like mine through the pandemic. It gives them a platform to reach new customers and bridge the gap between urban and rural communities. As a business owner, these legislative proposals would handcuff innovative tech platforms I use to work and connect with small businesses all over the state of South Carolina.

The proposed legislation would create separate rules for online marketplaces than those that govern brick and mortar businesses. It could force large digital companies to split different lines of business into different companies. It would have a chilling effect on the technology mergers and acquisitions space, primarily disenfranchising innovative startups and disincentivizing prospective innovation and may negatively disrupt South Carolina’s digital ecosystem. This would lead to platforms having less access to data and data science which powers digital ads and other products and services. This legislation would undoubtedly stifle technological innovation that has propelled so many South Carolina businesses throughout the course of the pandemic.

However, I know that Congressman Clyburn will continue his immeasurable service to the people of this state and oppose legislative proposals that would have such a harmful impact on small businesses in South Carolina and the nation as a whole.

Megan Pinckney Rutherford, Founder of Shades of Pinck.

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