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According to a report published in November of 2021, more than 4 million American workers quit their traditional 9-5 jobs. Among what’s being called the Great Resignation, there are a number of minorities. Estimates suggest that 30% of these individuals are seeking to open their own businesses. By our calculations, this means that approximately 1.2 million new entrepreneurs will enter the marketplace this year. 

Historically, women and men of color face significantly more challenges and barriers when it comes to starting a business and finding resources to support growth and sustainability.      

In order to succeed, these newly established entrepreneurs will require the services of Marketing and PR companies that understand the ever-changing marketplace and can adjust marketing strategies to fit constantly changing business models.

The MinorityEye has responded to this need by creating a M.A.P.P.S. Cooperative as a way to collaborate with other marketing firms to provide enhanced marketing and PR services to these emerging businesses. M.A.P.P.S. stands for Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales.

We are looking for minority or women-owned marketing or public relations firms or individuals that host web shows or podcasts who are interested in collaborating with other media and marketing professionals. Our goal is to create a cooperative in order to expand our collective networks, reach large audiences, and provide services to more clients.

If you are interested in finding out more information about our M.A.P.P.S. Cooperative, please complete our interest form by clicking on the link below, and someone will be in touch. 

Become A Marketing Partner

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