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Word of God Church and Ministries International Announces Intent to Buy Dutch Square Mall

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(Columbia, SC) – In a momentous development set to reshape the local landscape, Word of God Church and Ministries International (WOGCMI), a renowned multicultural congregation celebrated for its community-centric initiatives, has officially announced their intent to acquire Dutch Square Mall, as stated on their website.

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In a recent news interview with a local TV station, Bishop Eric Davis shared his insights:

Getting to this point involved quite a meticulous process since the mall wasn’t initially on the market. However, the Lord conveyed that it was meant to be. As a result, we are presently under contract and anticipate finalizing the purchase before the year’s end. There are numerous aspects to consider, a plethora of dynamic components in motion.

Bishop Eric Davis, Word of God Church and Ministries International

Dutch Square Mall currently houses a diverse range of businesses, including a movie theater and a food court. Additionally, it hosts a Burlington department store, Planet Fitness, a bank, and various other small retailers on its premises.

A written statement on the church’s website states:

“Through the acquisition of Dutch Square Mall, WOGCMI undertakes a mission to inject renewed vitality into this well-established space. Our aim is to cultivate unity, inspiration, and prosperity, not confined solely within the mall’s perimeters, but resonating throughout the wider community and the extensive region. This venture signifies a bold stride forward for both the church and the community it is dedicated to uplifting.”

The current owner of the mall is Nassimi Realty, based in New York.

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