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“Asphalt Works!” Workforce Development Campaign Launched by S.C. Asphalt Pavement Association

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(Columbia, S.C.) – In response to an increased need for asphalt workers across the state, the non-profit South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association (SCAPA) and its members have launched Asphalt Works!, a statewide workforce development campaign that aims to spread the message about opportunities for advancement within the asphalt industry — and repair the state’s roads. View the campaign website and connect with available jobs at

“Family is at the heart of the asphalt industry,” says Ashley R. Batson, Esq., SCAPA’s executive director and campaign founder. “Our campaign aims to educate and inspire our workforce. We want workers to know that when you commit to asphalt, asphalt commits to you.”

To date, more than 350 available jobs exist within South Carolina’s asphalt industry. As the demand for asphalt workers increases — due in part to the May 2017 approval of the South Carolina Roads Bill, implemented to pay for road improvements over six years — the asphalt paving industry anticipates that over 1,000 jobs will be created over the next five years.

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With a wealth of career opportunities, filling each job opening will be a measure of success for SCAPA’s initiative.

There are multiple paths for advancement into management roles as well as high-paying jobs operating sophisticated heavy machinery.

“Strengthening the road network within our state takes integrity and skill, and it is essential to our businesses here in South Carolina,” says Governor Henry McMaster. “Strong infrastructure is crucial to economic growth, and I am proud to support this innovative workforce development campaign.”

S.C. House Speaker Jay Lucas agrees. “I commend this workforce development campaign for spreading the message about these great opportunities and reenergizing an industry that is crucial to our economy as a whole.”

The Asphalt Works! campaign acts as a road map,” guiding future asphalt employees on an educational and inspiring journey towards a fulfilling career in asphalt by way of TV, radio and social media advertisements, billboards, print materials and a standalone website rich with success stories. The campaign aims to benefit both the industry workforce and South Carolina residents.

“The work that goes into building the roads in this state is vitally important to our economy and the needs of the motoring public,” notes Christy Hall, Secretary of Transportation at the South Carolina Department of Transportation. “Our asphalt workers are results oriented, driven and take pride in doing this crucial work.”

Making road improvements a priority has increased the number of opportunities for steady, fulfilling employment for South Carolina’s community of residents searching for careers in an industry that takes pride in employee growth and satisfaction.

“The asphalt industry is booming. Asphalt companies are hiring people with and without experience. These are good jobs, with good pay, comprehensive benefit packages, a family atmosphere, and job security that comes from a growth industry,” says Dan Ellzey, Executive Director, S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce. “The Asphalt Works! campaign does an excellent job of telling the story of this growth and describing the jobs that are available across the state. I look forward to watching the success of this campaign.”

“Strengthening our road network takes integrity and skill, and it is essential to businesses in the Carolinas,” notes Steve Cosper, President of Granite Contracting and SCAPA board chair. “Strong infrastructure is crucial to a strong business environment, and we are proud of this innovative workforce development campaign.”

For more information about the Asphalt Works! campaign, visit

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